News: ESPN: Stephen Jones with interesting look at 2013

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    INDIANAPOLIS – Dallas Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones knows 8-8 is not good enough. But as he looks back at the Cowboys’ 8-8 finish in 2013, the view is slightly different. When asked what the Cowboys have to do to get out of their .500 ways when they are pressed up against the salary cap, Jones first mentioned the team’s health. “We had a lot of money sitting on the sideline,” Jones said. “To be candid with you, when our season started if you told me that we were going to get the production we got out of [DeMarcus] Ware because of some injury issues, and we were not going to get [Anthony] Spencer at all and not going to get [Jay] Ratliff at all, then I might’ve been concerned and said, ‘We might have a hard time getting to 8-8.

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    Yes Stephen that is on you.

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    I would have to agree, with the exception of Ware. I think that was a no win situation. On Ratliff, Spencer and Romo, I think there were signs.
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    He's no upgrade from his father and that depresses me. Watching his bungling of personnel and the cap gives me little hope for the future
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    The more I read of Stephen the more I believe he'll just be Jerry II.
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    It is true. No one on this board really expected Ratliff and Spencer to be gone, and that Ware would be injury plagued this season.

    That is 3 out of the 4 starting DL not being in the game/or effective.

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