ESPN: Terrell Owens believes he should be on the other sideline Sunday

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    CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Terrell Owens believes he should be on the other sideline for Sunday night's Hall of Fame Game.
    Owens, the controversial receiver with Hall of Fame credentials who recently signed a one-year contract with the Cincinnati Bengals, said he was

    "prematurely let go" after three seasons with the Dallas Cowboys. He's convinced that Dallas owner/general manager Jerry Jones didn't really want to release him in the spring of 2009, but Owens declined to discuss what he perceives to be the real reasons behind the decision.

    "A lot of people know what happened," Owens said Sunday morning at the Bengals' hotel in Cleveland. "It was a tough decision for Jerry. I think if Jerry had the ultimate decision, then I would be there. By no means do I feel that I left that team because of talent. Obviously, there have to be some other factors.

    "Other than that, I feel confident about myself and what I can still do on the football field even at the age of 36."
    Jones has claimed that chemistry issues didn't factor into his decision to cut Owens less than a year after the receiver signed a four-year, $34 million contract extension. But as had been the case in San Francisco and Philadelphia, there was well-chronicled friction between the outspoken Owens and his quarterback and offensive coordinator during his final season in Dallas.

    "You have to take the bitter with the sweet, and you move on," Owens said. "Do I think I should probably be there? Yeah. But that's not the case."

    Quarterback Tony Romo preferred to focus on the positives Sunday morning when asked about Owens.

    "It was a good time," said Romo, who later made a remark that he wasn't a general manager. "We didn't achieve the ultimate goal obviously of winning the Super Bowl, but we still had good seasons. We still had steps that this organization took to go in the right direction."

    The Cowboys, who entered the 2008 season as a popular Super Bowl pick, lost three of their final four games to fail to make the playoffs. The tension between Owens and Romo dominated the headlines during the December swoon, a firestorm that started when Owens and other receivers met with offensive coordinator Jason Garrett to complain about Romo's preference to throw to tight end Jason Witten after an interception that sealed a loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

    "There's no turning back or going back or redoing anything," Owens said Sunday of his tenure with the Cowboys, when he caught 235 passes for 3,587 yards and 38 touchdowns in three seasons. "Again, I still stand by the things that I said and what was done. I know that honestly it wasn't my fault."

    Owens refused to reveal Sunday who he thought influenced Jones to make the decision to release him, saying he'd been down that road before. He said he's bothered by the perception that his presence was disruptive in the Cowboys' locker room, saying the situation was blown out of proportion.
    Several Cowboys still consider Owens a close friend. About an hour after Owens' media session, Cowboys cornerback Terence Newman described Owens as "a role model teammate."

    When the Bengals and Cowboys crossed paths at the Hall of Fame on Saturday afternoon, several former teammates greeted Owens with hugs and handshakes.

    "The guys in that locker room, they know," Owens said. "It was an eerie feeling, a good feeling, to see a lot of the guys come and embrace me as they walked into the Hall yesterday. That shows you right there that they know it wasn't me."

    Owens spent last season with the Buffalo Bills. Playing with three different quarterbacks, he caught 55 passes for 829 yards and five touchdowns, his worst production for a full season in a decade.
    With Miles Austin emerging as a Pro Bowl receiver, Romo experienced arguably his best season in the NFL. He set a franchise record with 4,483 passing yards, threw for 26 touchdowns and drastically reduced his turnover total to lead the Cowboys to the NFC East title and their first playoff win in 12 seasons.

    Owens discussed at length several topics during his 32-minute conversation with reporters Sunday morning, including his relationships with Cincinnati receiver Chad Ochocinco and quarterback Carson Palmer, his optimism about the 2010 season and the uncertainty about whether this will be the last season in his career. Owens continued talking after a Bengals public relations official interrupted the session to give Owens the opportunity to leave.

    But Owens had only a brief answer when asked if his relationship with Romo had reached the point where they needed to part ways.
    "I don't know," Owens said. "I don't really have too much to say about that."
    Even two teams later, the current he is one week into, and the guy still can't get over the fact he's not a cowboy and he's still blaming others. The guy's pathetic. :rolleyes:
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    He should be on our team. Jerry didn't want to realease him.

    However the fact was that it didn't matter what Owens did. His mere presence was a distraction to the team, and Jerry realized that.

    T.O. is 100% correct, he should still be on our team. But with him on our team, he would have been a leader, and Owens is a player that needs a constant piece of humble pie.

    I doubt he would have got it had he remained.

    I still like Owens, but good riddance. I like Miles and Dez more than TO, and who knows if Austin emerges and we draft Dez.
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    I might have to watch the game on mute tonight when they begin to talk about T.O.'s time in Dallas... I thought he played all out for the Cowboys but I'm sick of all the talk.
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    I would say jeez, just let it go already but he was asked. And it's not like he could say 'no comment' without a massive media circus starting over it.
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    You make no sense.

    T.O. WISHES he were still on our team, that does not mean he SHOULD be.
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    here we go again
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    You could say that about owns and the 49ers, the eagles, or the cowboys. Owens was always
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    :lmao2: at your post and Jerry realized it after he had a hundred people tell him to get rid of T-Old
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    No, he should not still be the team.
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    Thank goodness Jerry did release him. I doubt we would know what we have in Miles Austin otherwise.
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    What I don't get is why he doesn't think he should still be a 49er, Eagle, Bill or Bangle once he's cut by them after the season. It's like being released by the Cowboys literally drove him off the ego-edge.
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    I still love TO. Shoot me.
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    this guy is so full of himself. he just needs to let it go it has been two years now. i totally cannot stand owens the guy is a waste. i know when and if he goes in the hall of fame it will be one hall of fame show i will not watch. his speech will be the worst in history of the hall of fame.
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    No wonder each team Owens goes to, the fans clamour for him. There is never shortage of Goats(fans), that think he is not a fault. Always seems like if you have talent you can get away with anything.
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    You're not seeing what I'm getting at.

    He did nothing wrong to be cut. He was cut simply because his presence was a distraction.

    From a players perspective, that makes no sense. If you're good enough and make plays for your team and aren't acting out of control, you shouldn't be cut. I think a lot of that stuff late in 08 was blown way out of proportion.

    We all said it at the time, but now everyone wants to run and scapegoat T.O. I'm not going to be one.

    From a players perspective, he should still be on the team. He didn't do anything to be cut, merely the media attention and distraction that his presence caused was the reason he is no longer here.

    And like I said, good riddance. We have talent here now that who knows if we have if he is still on the team.
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    right or wrong, TO splits teams into two factions, the ones with TO, and the ones against. it is unfortunate but it happens, because on the whole TO is a likeable guy, he is always liked by alot of teammates, he seems to be generally a pretty good guy, but while being likeable he is an excuse maker, and when his excuse becomes that the QB isn't giving him his chances or is drawing up plays with the TE, then it pits him against the people he tossed under the bus, and thats where the divide happens, TOs friends back TO even though he was wrong, and the others back the wronged party.. i always wonder if the factions still remain here.. i wonder if someone like Tashard choice 100% has Romo's back.. i sincerely hope he does.
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    Whether it was a hard decision or not it was the right decision by Jones. Romo and the Cowboys are a much better team without Owens, and the numbers speak for that fact. Enjoy the other side T.O., you ain't a Cowboy!!
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    Owens is like the Bruce Willis character on The Sixth Sense. He doesn't realize he's gone. "They see only what they want to see."
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    What did he do that you think he deserved to be released?

    He wasn't out getting in legal trouble. The team was losing and he felt he could help them win by having the ball thrown his way.

    Was that the truth? No, but its no reason to release a player.

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