ESPN: Texas Suspends Two For 1st Game

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    Texas bans two WRs for first game

    Updated: June 4, 2013, 4:10 PM ET
    By Carter Strickland | HornsNation

    AUSTIN, Texas -- Texas wide receivers Cayleb Jones and Kendall Sanders have been suspended for the first game of the season against New Mexico State following separate run-ins with the police, Longhorns coach Mack Brown announced Monday afternoon.

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  2. WV Cowboy

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    Now I know why college teams schedule soft non-conference games to start the season, .. to clean up all of the off-season off-field messes.

    I'll have to check to see who WVU has.

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    I expect it from jones, I'm always worried about Austin prospects staying in Austin, the friends you keep in highschool are almost always worse in college than the friends you would make if you went off to college.

    I'm disappointed in sanders though because he is a top notch talent that was a choir boy squeaky clean type coming out.
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    UT's early schedule will forgive a suspension or two.

    OU plays Notre Dame out of conference this year, so not everyone is playing gimme games...which bodes well for the rest of the Big 12 if OU can't take care of bidness, on the other hand it gives legitimacy to the conference to see the Big 12 knock off quality non-conference opponents.

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    Not really. OU plays Notre Dame 4th game of the season, after the open date. They have Louisiana Monroe, WV and Tulsa all in Norman prior to that.

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