ESPN: Todd McShay and Mel Kiper Senior Bowl Chat Wraps.

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    Mel Kiper....

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper: (1:09 PM ET ) We've been keeping track of things. The juniors are a big part of this thing too, even with the Senior Bowl going on. We can talk about them as well.

    Baker (Austin, Tx): What do you think of Robert Meachem, and where do you think he will go in the draft?

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper: (1:10 PM ET ) Meachem has a ton of talent. He made a lot of big plays, had a ton of yards after the catch. If he has a good 40 time, there's no reason he can't be a mid to late first rounder. I have him going at No. 22 to the Cowboys.

    joe, buffalo: hey mel, with everyone saying yhe bills need a DT to stop the run the recent drafting suggests they have been addressing that area wouldnt a DE like anderson or adams make more sense to compliment shobel?

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper: (1:12 PM ET ) What they really need is a DT. They could also use a MLB or CB. The problem with DT is the No. 1 DT is Alan Branch. I think he'll be gone before Buffalo picks. Okoye, the 19-year-old from Louisville, he has shown incredible quickness and pass rush technique. He has been good in Mobile. I had him at 18, but he could now be in the mix for the Bills. But I would say right now, Leon Hall for the Bills.

    Anthony (NYC): Mel hows Amobi Okoye looking. And can he be a starter at the young age of 19,I figure he may sit for a year or 2.

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper: (1:14 PM ET ) He isn't sitting anywhere. There will be no sitting. This kid is ready. There's no difference with him and a kid 20 or 21 physically or mentally. He has a tremendous work ethic. He is so quick that he creates so many problems with the center and the guard. I think right now he's at worst a mid first round pick. He's helped himself in Mobile as much as any. You could make the case he's the best player in Mobile. Historically, if you can identify the one or two best players in Mobile - Steve Hutchinson, Chad Johnson, LT from the past - you can find yourself a good player.

    Seth (altanta): Mel, the Falcons could really use a safety in this draft. Do you think Laron Landry is still around at pick no.10?

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper: (1:15 PM ET ) Yeah, I do. That's who I have Atlanta taken. They have needs at three areas. I think Landry will be there at 10. He's a four-year starter. Good in the box safety. You're looking at a guy that will be right there for the Falcons.

    Eric (Pasadena, CA): Hey Mel, Has Ryan Kalil improved his stock in the draft this week so far? Everything that I have heard is that he is doing great. Thanks.

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper: (1:17 PM ET ) He's been solid. The knock on him is going to be just how strong of an anchor is he? You see the DTs in the NFL he'll be up against on a weekly basis and the question is will he be overpowered. But I think there's no reason to think that. He's got great technique. I think he's held his own. The second highest rated center is Satele from Hawaii. Kalil is a first round talent who might not go until the second round. I tried to find a spot for him in the first round from 20-32 but I could find a team that had center as a No. 1 priority. I think he goes between 33 and 45.

    Nick (Columbus, OH): Mel, whose draft stock do you think improved the most from the beginning of this year?

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper: (1:20 PM ET ) That's a good question. From the beginning of the season to now, I'd say, definitely in the mix is Okoye, he's one of them. Dwayne Bowe. Craig Davis. Ben Grubbs. Anthony Spencer. Michael Okwo. Zak DeOssie. Zach Diles.

    Brutus Buckeye (Columbus, OH): How has Troy Smith looked thus far?

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper: (1:21 PM ET ) I thought he had a struggling start to the week. He lacked a little velocity and accuracy, wasn't too sharp. Today in the morning practice, he looked better. Right now, I'd say he was a late Day 1 or early Day 2 possibility.

    Nick (Durham, North Carolina): Mel, Who do you think the Philadelphia Eagles are looking at the most to be there 1st Round Draft Pick?

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper: (1:23 PM ET ) The player I have the Eagles taking is Aaron Ross, the CB out of Texas. he's got good size. He hits like a safety. He's big. He's got all the physical skills you want. He is 6-0, 198. He makes some big hits in coverage. He's got real good feet. What he has to show is that he has recovery speed. If he does, there's no reason he can't be in that 20-35 range.

    David (Michigan): I've heard the Drew Stanton has been doing great so far at the practices. Could he be a 1st round pick now especially with Brennan and Brohm going back to school?

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper: (1:24 PM ET ) What I've seen of Stanton hasn't been great. I think he's had his moments where he's looked good, but then he has moments where he's not as good. He's been a little erratic. When it rained earlier, he didn't look good. He's had some good throws and some that have made you shake your head a little bit. The same was true for him at Michigan State. Right now, I'd say he's probably more in that second or third round range.

    Bob (Boston): Mr Kiper - what senior linebacker makes most sense for teh Patriots to pursue on draft day - particluarly considering the system employed by Belicheck

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper: (1:26 PM ET ) I think in terms of the Patriots and what they need are WR, CB and LB. The problem I had in the first round was I didn't find an LB they could get in the first round. So, I gave them Darrelle Revis, CB from Pitt and Anthony Gonzalez. From the Senior Bowl, I don't see anyone that I think would be suited for them. The CB/WR superceded the other Patriots needs.

    Pete (NY): Who do you see the Bears selecting?

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper: (1:28 PM ET ) Offense. They have to improve the offense. WR, TE, OG. OLB on the defensive side. Where they're picking, even though Desmond Clark a tight end has played well, Greg Olsen from Miami would be a good pick. He can catch the football. He has athleticism. I think he's be an intriguing guy.

    Brian (Natchitoches, LA): Mel, with his strong showing at the Senior Bowl this week, could Dwayne Bowe be moving up draft boards to a mid-late first rounder?

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper: (1:29 PM ET ) I have Bowe going to the Jets at No. 25. I thought about him to Dallas at 22, but I gave them Meachem. I have WRs going throughout the first round. The ceiling for him would probably be the 17 spot. I feel comfortable in the 25 spot for the Jets.

    wes (santa barbara): Mel, Where do you see Nelson from Florida going? I thought he would be a shoe-in to join the cowboys

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper: (1:30 PM ET ) I don't see him being there at 22. I thought about pushing him down that far, but his film evaluation grades are so high. I gave him to San Francisco at 11. Remember he can play corner or safety. He's a combo guy. He could be a very good special teamer. If he's there at 22, he's the kind of safety they need.

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper: (1:31 PM ET ) I've always been very high on Reggie Nelson, but stranger things have happened.

    Neil (Raleigh, NC): Mel, What seperates Jamaal Anderson and Gaines Adams? The Skins gotta take one of them right?

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper: (1:32 PM ET ) I think Anderson is a guy that's gotten better and better. First of all, he hasn't already maxed out. He's 285 with long arms. He had a ton of sacks. He's still developing. When you look at Gaines Adams, he had a high grade last year. But there are some plays where he is more intense than others. I give Anderson a slight edge over Adams. I have Washington looking at Alan Branch. They'll also look to upgrade the MLB spot and CB.

    TJ (Lawrence, KS): In regards to Troy Smith measuring in at 6' even, what significance will that have come draft day?

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper: (1:34 PM ET ) Not a lot. He was going to be 5-11, 6-0. Back when the year started, I had him at 6-0 1/4. He measures out at barely 6 feet and that's borderline for a QB. You have to be able to see the field and have vision. You have to be able to throw from the pocket. You can't be moving around.

    Joe (State College): How have the Penn State guys looked so far this week? Any chance Poz goes in the top 15?

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper: (1:36 PM ET ) No chance for Poz. I think he's a second or third round choice. He's a tough guy, instinctive guy, but I think he's one of those overachiever picks. Tony Hunt's issue is that he had a fumbling issue. He has to take a little bit better care of the ball. I'll go third on Poz, third or fourth on Hunt. Levi Brown struggled a little bit this morning. I have him going 14 to Carolina.

    Doug (Oxford, OH): Could you talk about the stock of West Virginia players I hear Brandon Myles is improving his stock do you see him getting drafted?

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper: (1:37 PM ET ) Brandon Myles has talent. When you look at him with all the receivers, he's just over 6-1 and has some big play ability. I think he's a Day 2 pick. Dan Mozes will struggle because of his size, so I think he'll be a late round pick.

    Brian Madison, WI: Any chance Ted Ginn, Jr. falls to the Packers at #16?

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper: (1:38 PM ET ) I can't see that happening. I have him going 9th to the Dolphins. With his electrifying ability and how versatile he is in the return game. He's not that big, so he'll have to show them something there. The Packers need help at a variety of positions. WR is a need area, but they have five need areas. At 16, I have them looking at Marshawn Lynch out of Cal.

    Travis (Texas): Mel who you got in the Super Bowl??

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper: (1:39 PM ET ) Super Bowl, I'm taking Indianapolis. I thought they'd win the game over New England by 14 points or more. I give them a significant edge there.

    Brad (MD): Who do you see considering trading down in the first?

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper: (1:41 PM ET ) There's always that possibility, especially when you've got some marquee names. The guy that I think is going to be the buzz of the draft and will be highly coveted from the other teams is Adrian Peterson. He's going to test off the charts. He has athletic ability. If it weren't for the durability concerns, I think he'd go No. 1 or No. 2 in this draft. I think he'll be the buzz in the first round for teams to move up to get.

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper: (1:41 PM ET ) After him, there's a drop off to Marshawn Lynch. If you clearly want one of the most explosive players in the draft, you have to go up and get him.

    Davis (South Carolina): How would you compare Calvin Johnson to Larry Fitzgerald in terms of where they were both out coming out of college?

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper: (1:42 PM ET ) First of all, he's bigger. Fitzgerald had good hands, great route runner, good work ethic. With Calvin Johnson, he's bigger and faster with everything else Larry had. Johnson will go in the top 3, just like Fitzgerald.

    Billy: Mel, the Saints have to go defense, who do you see them taking?

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper: (1:44 PM ET ) No question they have to go defense. They have needs at CB, DT and LB. I would say right now, you'd have to go corner. There will be some CBs when they draft, but I have them taking Hughes out of Cal.

    eric ( NY): Why is Leon Hall rated so high? The last image in my head is Jarrett running right past him with no moves just speed, and jarrett is supposed to be a slow receiver.

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper: (1:46 PM ET ) I think when you look at the ability of a Jarrett, people underestimate him as a receiver. If you're talking about just because he's a bigger, taller receiver he can't run by CBs, that's just not accurate. He was awesome in that final game. Talk about saving your best for last. He had 11 catches for over 200 yards. CBs get beat. DeAngelo Hall gets beat. Champ Bailey gets beat. He's going to be a heck of a corner because he's got good physical skills. I think he goes in the top 15 overall.

    Bryan (NYC): Mel, do you believE Lane Kiffin will have a great year ala Sean Payton, and turn the Raiders back into contenders and how?

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper: (1:48 PM ET ) It's almost like you look at the Raiders and there's 31 jobs that are attractive and then there's the Raiders. They had interest in others and they weren't interested in them. Lane has good blood lines; his father is Monte. Lane has a good reputation, but he's had good talent to work with. Is he a great coach? Who knows. He's a young guy, but he's been around football a long time. He's creative.

    Nick (Cleveland): Is Lamar Woodley going to be a 3-4 OLB?

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper: (1:49 PM ET ) He can be, but he can also be a 4-3 end. He has ability coming off the edge. He's relentless. He'll fight you until the whistle blows. He's just a smart football player. He'll bring it every week. I think he'll be a good second round pick for someone.

    Andy (Tallahassee): Who could be this drafts Colston?

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper: (1:54 PM ET ) If the Saints knew he was going to be that good, they wouldn't have waited. But I'll throw some names of some guys that could be in the late round mix from a variety of positions: Jared Zabransky from Boise State; Alvin Banks from James Madison; Stan White, Jr. from Ohio State; Dominique Ziegler from Baylor; David Ball from New Hampshire; Jordan Kent from Oregon; Corey Davis from James Madison; Darnell Stapleton from Rutgers; Marques Murrell from Appalachian State; Abraham Wright from Colorado; Justin Durant from Hampton; Johnny Baldwin from Alabama A+M.

    Todd (Orlando, FL): Russell, Quinn, or Johnson as the #1 overall pick?

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper: (1:55 PM ET ) I think Russell. I have him going to Oakland. Then Joe Thomas, Calvin Johnson and Brady Quinn. But like I said, Peterson is moving up.

    Steven(Ohio): what do you see The bengals do in the first day of the draft, and do they cut some of there characterless players?

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper: (1:56 PM ET ) They've had character issues before and they continue to go that route. They've made the same mistake three, four times. Time after time they bring in players that have had some issues. Is the philosophy going to change? I thought that would have changed a long time ago. Most of their needs are on the defensive side of the ball. I have them taking Okoye, a DT.

    Adam (Redding, CA): I've heard good things about Daymeion Hughes. If he runs well at the combine, could he be the best corner in the draft?

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper: (1:58 PM ET ) I don't think so. Hall is going to be at the top of the draft. You can't jump him ahead of Hall. Hall's entire body of work at Michigan is excellent. I go back to another CB from Michigan in Ty Law. He didn't go that high in the draft - he was the 23rd pick to New England. I don't think Leon Hall drops to that point.

    Todd (NY): Mel, Who do see the Dolphins taking with the 9th overall pick?

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper: (1:59 PM ET ) I think their needs are at OLB, WR, OL, DT. I have them taking Ted Ginn, Jr. He's an explosive WR. I think he'll be a nice pick at No. 9.

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper: (1:59 PM ET ) We'll be back next Wednesday. I'll have another projection going up next week. I'll have my final prediction on the Super Bowl.

    [​IMG] Mel Kiper: (1:59 PM ET ) Thanks for chatting.
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    McShay's chat is in progress. I'll update as he completes.

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: (3:32 PM ET ) Hello. Earlier today in the North practice, it is important to note that two players were brought in as injury reserves .. Ben Patrick came in for Clark Harris who was injured .. Thomas Clayton came in for Garrett Wolfe who was also injured. Right now the South squad is doing unit drills. This is full pads today so biggest practice of the week.

    YeYo (AZ): Hey Todd how is Chris Leak looking?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: (3:33 PM ET ) He's doing as well as he can today. In all fairness he is throwing the ball well and picking up the offense quickly. He has shown improved accuracy with each practice. But he is not getting any taller and his arm strength isn't going to get any better and that is what is hurting him the most in regards to his draft spot.

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: (3:34 PM ET ) Kevin Kolb has improved the most from beginning of practice to now and stands out as the best pro QB prospect on the South roster.

    Jon mesa, az: With Garret Wolfe hurt, how bad do you think this is going to be for him in the draft?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: (3:35 PM ET ) I don't think it necessarily hurt him as much as it is just a blown opportunity. From that standpoint, he wasn't able to prove to scouts that he can be an effective return specialist and third down type back. It also doesn't help matters that durability is one of his biggest question marks. As fate would have it, he winds up getting injured when the spotlight is directly on him this week.

    Mike (AR): Who is the star player from the South right now?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: (3:37 PM ET ) I would say there are 3 that stand out .. Ryan Kalil from USC, LSU WR Dwayne Bowe and Tony Ugoh from Arkansas.

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: (3:37 PM ET ) The overall talent level on the South roster is clearly better than the North.

    Henry (NY): Todd, Mel Kiper didn't think that Troy Smith has been very impressive so far with his practices. Based on your reports, you seem to feel otherwise. Can you share your reasons why Troy has improved his draft stock in your eyes?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: (3:39 PM ET ) I've had people saying this to me today. He and I are obviously watching different practices. But that is not uncommon. Different people see different things. Mel and I don't always agree. This is a classic case of us being on a different page. To me, he has done everything you can ask for this week. He is right on par with Drew Stanton as the best QB prospect here.

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: (3:39 PM ET ) Maybe I'm crazy though.

    Robby (vernon,NJ): Todd why did u have the Steelers going FS in your mock? Smith came out the first two games he started with two INT's.

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: (3:40 PM ET ) Did you watch the defensive secondary this past fall? I think they could go OLB or CB or FS. I also think that drafting Kalil could be their future starting center.

    Mike (FL): Is Chris Leak this year's Ken Dorsey (smart QB destined to hold clipboard due to lack of arm strength and other physical gifts)?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: (3:41 PM ET ) I guess there are some similarities there. I think Dorsey had an advantage in terms of his brain and height. He had a stronger arm. But the bottom line is they are both very good college QBs with limited NFL potential.

    Mike (AR): Hey Todd, how's the weather acting today?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: (3:42 PM ET ) I'm onto my second jacket. That's all you need to know. I'm a Boston guy but I just wasn't expecting this.

    Brandon: (Fort Bragg, NC): I still haven't heard much from Tony Hunt, How is he looking?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: (3:44 PM ET ) He looks great. He showed up 239 lbs which is about 15 lbs bigger than estimated. He still looks as quick as ever. It's a comparitively weak RB class so he can improve his stock off this week's play and possibly become a late second, early third round pick.

    Jake (Texas): What team do you see Adrian Peterson going to?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: (3:45 PM ET ) I think the hightest he could go is No. 3 to the Browns. More realistic might be 8 to the Texans. Any team that really wanted him would have to trade up ahead of 8 to feel good about securing him.

    Ryan, Boston: Todd- you have Patrick Willis going to the Pats. I love Willis' play, but can he take on the responcibility a LB takes in BB's system i.e. calling line changes and taking on blockers?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: (3:46 PM ET ) If anyone is from this year's class it is him. He was a 4-year starter with a very accomplished career at the highest level of college football. No guarantees but among the LB prospects, he and Paul Posluszny are the two players that look to be the most NFL ready right now.

    Mike (Las Vegas): Todd, who is the guy that you think might have to wait longer than most people expect to get drafted?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: (3:48 PM ET ) I would say Meriweather, S from Miami. He has enough talent to be a first round pick. But the more I talk to NFL people the more concerns I hear about his character, mental capacity and decision making on and off the field.

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: (3:49 PM ET ) Thanks for the questions. Speakin of decision making, I'm going to grab the rest of the Scouts Inc. crew and get out of here. It's cold.

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