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    Welcome to The Show! On Friday, Scouts Inc.'s Todd McShay will stop by to talk about April's NFL draft.

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: True NFL junkies will be chatting here today instead of watching march maddness. For those that qualify, lets get started.

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: Lot's to talk about with Pro Days nearing a midway point and free agency beginning to cool down a bit.

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: Also, I'm headed to Austin, TX for Texas' Pro Day next week. I've had some great eats during previous trips but I'm looking to branch out... any suggestions?


    [​IMG] Todd McShay: I can't imagine they will draft a WR after adding Stallworth and Washington. I know Chad Jackson is injured and didn't do much as a rookie but at least they have a young WR to develop. NE is always tough to predict in terms of going after needs, but I think they'll look for ILB help and DB help early. They also have a lot of picks, including two in the first round, so trading up a bit is an option.

    Nick (Minny): Hey Todd! Do u think the Vikings will try to trade up to the Lions pick to get Calvin Johnson or are the Lions set on not moving at all?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: It's impossible to predict the "trade up, trade down" market at this point. I will say this, though, the Vikings need a playmaking WR and there's a huge drop-off between C.J. and the rest of the bunch (Ginn, Bowe, Meachem, Jarrett, etc.). I also think the Lions are in the market for a trade down and they should get a lot of action with Quinn and C.J. still on the board -- assuming, of course, J. Russell goes No. 1 overall.

    Greg Napa CA: What are the chances the Packers move up to #11 and take Lynch? What would it take?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: I think that would be a mistake. I like Lynch as a mid-to-late first round pick, but he's not special enough to mortgage away a for him. If Lynch is gone to the Bills at No. 12 so be it... I'd take a WR like Bowe at No. 16 and then get a good back like OSU's Antonio Pittman or Louisville's Michael Bush in Round 2.

    Tony (Brookfield, CT): Is Satele from Hawaii possibly the best center in the draft?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: I think he's the second-best center behind Ryan Kalil (USC). Kalil will go late-first or early-second. I think Satele will come off the board in the third round.

    Matt (Scottsdale, AZ): When is Michigan's Pro Day? Have you heard if Woodley will work out?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: Michigan's Pro Day is today. I'm told he will because he didn't at the combine and his hamstring is supposedly close to 100-percent.

    Steven (Toronto): Does Atlanta have a chance to take Landry at #10 or will they have to move up?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: I think the Falcons have a very good chance of getting Landry at No. 10 overall. The only team I think could snatch him up prior to No. 10 is Miami, but they have other needs to address and they took a DB last year in Jason Allen.

    CW Sloan, Greenville, NC: My friends have a bet...we gotta know, can you beat Chris Mortensen in the 40? BTW, I picked you..

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: Thanks for the vote of confidence, CW. I can't say for sure but I like my chances. I'll challenge Mort and get back to you.

    Chris, Florida: Will Posluzny be around when the Eagles pick? They'd be stupid to pass on him if he is right?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: I think that's the range where Poz will come off the board. The Pats could sweep him up at No. 24. But if he's on the board, I think he would be an excellent fit.

    Joe (Albany): Todd Is the drop off between Branch and the other DTs so great that St. Louis should trade up to get him?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: I don't think so at all. I like Branch more than Amobi Okoye, but lots of people think Okoye is the better prospect. I think STL should stay at No. 12 and take whichever one is on the board. There is a huge drop-off after those two, though. So if Branch and Okoye are both gone (that's a decent possibility), STL will go in a different direction with its pick.

    Pat (Atl): Todd, what do you think it would cost the Vikings to move up to #2 or #3 to get Calvin?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: Depending on which "trade value chart" they use, I think it will cost them a second and third round pick -- along with the No. 7 overall.

    Jordan (San Jose): If the Raiders do indeed trade Moss, do you think they will still take Russell or go with Johnson?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: I think they'd go with Calvin Johnson. He's the best player in this draft and then you can rationalize taking him with the top-overall pick. Unfortunately, QB is still a glaring need at that point.

    shawn(SF): Is Patrick Willis as good as last year top linebacker A.J Hawk?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: He's a notch below Hawk and Ernie Sims but Willis is still the best LB in this year's class and he belongs in the middle of the first round.

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: Willis could go as high as No. 14 to the Panthers.

    Charlie (Edgewater, NJ): How much would Greg Olsen help Chad Pennington and should the Jets move up to get him?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: I don't think Olsen is proven enough to move up for, but I think the Jets should take him if he's on the board at No. 25 overall. Olsen was inconsistent catching the ball last season, but he has the physical tools to develop into a difference-makere over the middle. He's the only TE in this year's class with enough speed to stretch the seam.

    Kyle (SD): If Oakland takes Johnson #1 overall, who are some QB's they could look at in the later rounds?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: See that's the thing. I'm not sure there's a QB after the first round (Russell and Quinn) that is worth drafting if you're Oakland. I believe Drew Stanton is the third best QB, and others would say John Beck or Trent Edwards. But none of them is a major upgrade over Andrew Walter. That's why it's so hard to pass up on the opportunity to draft Russell at No. 1 this year.

    Leonard cincinnati ohio: name a couple players who can help them who may be available to the Bengals at 18

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: Florida State OLB Lawrence Timmons, Arkansas CB Chris Houston and Florida DE Jarvis Moss. There, that's three.

    Chris (Broadview Heights, OH): With Charlie Frye and Derek Anderson clearly not great NFL talents, how tempted will the Browns be to pull the trigger on Brady Quinn?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: I think if Russell or Quinn is on the board at No. 3, the Browns will take the QB. Otherwise, if Russell and Quinn go 1 and 2, I think it's a tough call between RB Adrian Peterson and OT Joe Thomas.

    Jim (Boston): Who are a couple of the best OLB's for a 3-4 scheme?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: I think Clemson's Gaines Adams has a chance to play OLB in a 3-4 but ultimately he's better suited to play DE in a 4-3. The next best are Florida's Jarvis Moss and Purdue's Anthony Spencer -- both mid-to-late first round picks. Moss will likely be gone but Spencer should be on the board for your Pats. By the way, how about this snow storm, Jim? Why do we live here?

    Jamal (Wisconsin): Will the leading receiver for the Titans next year be from this draft, and who?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: It looks like a strong possibility now that Drew Bennett (Rams) is gone. David Givens needs to get healthy and Brandon Jones needs to mature in a hurry. I think the Titans can get a good value at No. 19 with Ted Ginn, Dwayne Bowe, Dwayne Jarrett or Robert Meachem.

    lenny enrno, nyc: who does denver go after in round 1 if they can't trade up ??

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: I think they'll look DE all the way. This is a deep DE class, so they can afford to move down and still get a good one if presented with the right trade value. Regardless, Florida's Jarvis Moss and Purdue's Anthony Spencer are good options, as is Georgia's Charles Johnson later in the round.

    Rick(Toledo): Ted Ginn at 19???

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: It's possible. WR's slip on draft day and Ginn hasn't done anything since his injury in the title game. Plus, he's not a great WR and he's only considered a potential top-15 pick in some people's eyes because of his return ability.

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: That's all for today, folks. Thanks for all the questions. I'll be at Texas' Pro Day next week, so we can catch up on that and other news next Thursday. BTW, no Austin food suggestions? What a letdown... Be well, everyone.
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    McShay is pretty sharp...thanks for posting.

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