News: ESPN: Tony Romo ahead of schedule in rehab

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by NewsBot, Mar 25, 2014.

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    ORLANDO, Fla. -- The biggest worry for the Cowboys on the injury front is quarterback Tony Romo. He underwent back surgery last December and all indications are he's ahead of schedule. "He is ahead of expectations," Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones said. "He is ahead of where we expected him to be." Jones said Romo hasn't started throwing passes yet, but he can make throwing motions. The Cowboys begin their offseason program on April 21, and Romo is expected to participate in some capacity.

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    This is good..
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    Yes, it is. Hopefully, Romo will start throwing ahead of schedule, too.

    I felt bad that there are not too many responses in this good news thread.:)
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    Great news, don't try to rush it Tony just stick with the recommended rehab
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    I totally agree. Tony has no more years to waste.
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    so far, so good.
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    If he was playing injured last year--like many people speculate--I'm exited to see him go at full-strength.
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    Real good. But hey, if anything he can shoot some hoops. Perhaps the Duke team should have took some lessons from our guy! Oh well. I feel Tony is going to have a really good year. If the O-line holds up and continues to grow like they did last season, we'll do a lot better.
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    He's been playing hurt most of his career in Dallas. Broken ribs, punctured lung, broken finger, broken back.

    Hands down the most underrated player in ALL OF SPORTS. This isn't hyperbole, without him - this team isn't even remotely competitive over the past 7 years. QB rating is the metric most fans/scouts with a brain use, and there is a reason he's up there with the all-time greats.

    Put him on a team with a defense that can bail him out and let him take chances or with a solid running game that can close games - and he'd have a ring now.

    If Joe freakin Flacco can do it, I know Romo can - it's the ultimate team sport, and your QB can only take you so far.
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    Yu Darvish is going to miss the opening day start due to neck stiffness.

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