News: ESPN: Update on Brock Lesnar

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Hostile, Jun 28, 2004.

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    You too can realize your dreams.

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    Heres my guess,

    He's probably has several million in the bank. He probably has invested well and has no intention to lose it ill advised or stupidly.
    If and its a big if,he gets a real chance to learn and develop He will make the most of his oppertunity. He has some talent and self motivation,You can not get to be a top wresling champ in college with out a strong inner work ethic.
    And he would not mess up his chance by being a problem in camp.

    Saying all this ,I'll bet Peterman would knock his brock off hahahahahahaha

    and Bill knows it

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    I prefer 10W-30

    but just me
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    I'm projecting our starting front seven for next year like this:

    LE - The Iron Sheik
    DT - Earthquake
    DT - Nikolai Volkoff
    RE - Brock Lesnar

    SLB - Rob Van Dam
    MLB - Doink the Clown
    WLB - Koko B. Ware

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    I bet he has to go on the Tony Mandrich rapid weight loss plan as soon as he enters the league.

    And its funny that someone so homophobic had a career in the most blatantly homo-erotic profession known to man ... professional wrestling. A bunch of oiled up muscleheads in flamboyant costumes trying to pin each other down.
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    Please know that interview was for self-promotion only. He is simply trying to drum up interest from the public in hopes it will lead to a few tryouts from NFL teams. There is no better way to get press than to be obnoxious and ridiculously over the top. Lesnar is indeed an athlete, but he learned the art of self-promotion from his days with WWE.

    Scott Studwell from the Vikings brings the voice of reason to the article. As much fun as it would be to think that Lesnar could come into the NFL and munch up opposing quarterbacks, it is just not reality. Any club that takes on Lesnar would have a project on their hands.

    I believe, based on his track record it would pay off, but at what cost? Can your team afford to give up a roster spot for a project that may payoff for just a few years? Remember he is currently 26 years old. If you give him time to develop he would be 28, 29, maybe even 30 before he could really help you. How many years would he have left? That is why having Lesnar is not better than those 7th rounders and UDFAs. At least with them, IF they turn out to be something you have them for several years.
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    I couldn't see that happening considering I read somewhere that the Iron Sheik passed away not too long ago. :(
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    Good, funny post. You did a great job of describing those guys.
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    I forgot he was that old. TNew is older but was the number ?5 pick and had football credentials. That's a good point but I don't think it would take him that long to develop football skills.

    I still think someone ought to put this guy in a uniform and see what happens. He would need time to learn how to play every down but if he can get to the passer now or even pressure him then he will only get better. So if he can pass rush at all by the 60 cut then I'd keep him as a situational rusher this year and hope he can come on strong by the second year. Four years with the same team is all you get initially anyway in most cases.

    Who else do you know is 6-3 290 with 4.5 times with strength and agility? Wrestling (at the college level) is tough and some of those skills should be applicable to getting past OL in the NFL.

    He has a long road to making it in the NFL but I'd be surprised if someone doesn't take him to camp.

    I'll bet he won't be so mouthy after a day or two in camp either if he gets a shot.
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    Lesner sounds like the perfect Raider. No denying his athletic ability, but there are plenty of real good (great?) athletes watching the NFL every Sunday.

    If any team is going to look at this guy it's going to be at the beginning of camp when they are allowed more players. Lesner is a total project, but may have more athletic ability than some late rounders coming to camp. I'm pretty indifferent to Lesner's attempt at the NFL, so it wouldn't bother me to bring him to Oxnard, et him mix-it-up and see what he's got.
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    he benches 475? Have you seen that ****er. Im 100% sure he benches far more then that. Im sorry if he is 6'3 - 6'5 and 290 lbs and runs a 4.7 40, hes basically on a roster somewhere in the NFL. He needs to learn to absorb the plays and the methods of the NFL which im sure if he can keep his body the way he does learning should be an easy but very daunting task..
    GL Brock get your "Learn on!" lol
    Ill be excited to see how this pans out...

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