News: ESPN Watkins: Cowboys mailbag: Knee braces not an option for Cowboys

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    By Calvin Watkins

    OXNARD, Calif. -- An interesting question this week addresses the Cowboys' offensive line and how they've dealt with injuries to starters Marc Colombo and Kyle Kosier.

    In an attempt to prevent further injuries, head coach Wade Phillips has decided to make it mandatory for all the linemen -- on offense and defense -- to use knee braces.

    Q: I know what everybody says about the Cowboys: They choke in the playoffs. How do you feel about them getting another ring? -- Ryan (Freeport, Ill.)
    A: Dallas is one of the favorites to win the NFC East and make a deep playoff run. When Brett Favre decided to return to the Vikings this summer (it wasn't a surprise), it made the Cowboys' road in the NFC more difficult. The Cowboys have a talented defense -- and two excellent pass-rushers in Anthony Spencer and DeMarcus Ware -- but there are questions about the running game and whether or not kicker David Buehler can make important kicks.

    Q: Everybody is worried about the Cowboys offense scoring touchdowns. Any chance they are stalling drives to get David Buehler more field goal attempts? -- Adam Bush (Lathan, N.Y.)
    A: The Cowboys are not stalling drives to get Buehler more attempts. Last week Buehler didn't have any because the Cowboys' first-team offense couldn't get in position to make that occur. When they did get deep into San Diego territory, it was the result of a turnover. I would like to see Buehler attempt more field goals in the preseason, especially the next two weeks, but coach Wade Phillips has already said the team has confidence in him.

    Q: Why are the Cowboys starting Marion Barber? I am tired of this boring, predictable offense. Also, I think Tashard Choice will leave the Boys after this season. It's very sad to see this running back being wasted because Jason Garrett has no clue on how to run the ball. -- Larry Johnson (Aurora, Colo.)
    A: Larry, Choice is signed through the 2011 season, so unless he's traded or released, he's not going anywhere. The Cowboys coaches believe Barber is the best of the three running backs, and that's why he's starting. I have this running joke with running backs coach Skip Peete about who will start. He tells me all the time that it doesn't matter because all three backs will get to play.

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    This is the one rule I feel that Wade should have made when he came in.. it's the one rule from BP I really miss; make ALL LINEMAN wear braces. There is no reason to have knee injuries when they are avoidable.
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    At least the rule is being made now.
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    There are? There are a lot of teams in the NFL that would love to have our RB's. Now if he wants to say there are questions about the O-Line that could affect the running game, then he may be onto something. But questions about the running game??? The man's on dope!
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    That's the question I had. Maybe he means the OLF line is uncertain, but if so, he should have said that and not there are questions about the running backs.

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