News: ESPN Watkins Mailbag: Beef about Dallas Cowboys' dinner

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    [​IMG] By Calvin Watkins

    The mailbag is jammed with talk about Dez Bryant's dinner bill.

    Here's some insight: Before the start of the season, the Cowboys' players, split up by positions, have a yearly dinner where the rookies pay the tab.

    In 2008, rookies Mike Jenkins and Orlando Scandrick paid $25,000 for dinner with the defensive backs. Roy E. Williams said when he was a rookie in Detroit, he paid a five-figure meal tab.

    So when it was time for Bryant to take care of the offensive players, it was time to pay.

    During the regular season, every Thursday, the defensive players go out to dinner with Bradie James. You think those dinners total less than $100?
    It happens. When players get paychecks between $50,000-$60,000 -- sometimes more -- paying five or six figures for a dinner bill isn't high to them.

    How do athletes think? If you have it, you will spend it. Getting worked up over it won't change a thing. There are other lavish things athletes spend their money on -- watches, rims for cars, clothes, jewelry, houses. One player told me he's got a statue in his house. Players have multiple homes -- one here in Dallas and another elsewhere.

    It's hard to accept sometimes but that's the way it is.

    Q: Is it me or is the Cowboys' run defense suspect? If they cannot contain Arian Foster, how will they ever be able to contain Chris Johnson? Thanks. -- James M. (Deer Park, NY)
    A: Mr. Foster did have a nice game against the Cowboys -- that 26-yard run was nice -- and finished with 106 yards. Several Cowboys players said Foster was such a physical runner, especially going downhill. I never thought the Cowboys' run defense was in trouble. It hadn't allowed a 100-yard rusher since 2008, the last game at Texas Stadium vs. the Ravens. As far as Johnson goes, few teams have stopped him, even with eight in the box.

    Q: Hi Calvin, I don't get it. Felix Jones is the most talented of all three running backs, but [Marion] Barber is still the starting running back. I think Barber should be more of a third-down and fourth-quarter back like he was when [Bill] Parcells coached the team. What do you think? -- John (Miami)
    A: I was surprised Jones got only seven touches during the game, and he did average 6.1 yards per carry on those plays. Jason Garrett liked how Marion Barber was running the ball and didn't feel the need to go to somebody else. In the fourth quarter, Barber got it nine times, and that's something the Cowboys want to see more of. But if they're trailing in games, Barber is not going to get his carries in the fourth quarter to close the show. Jones should get more carries early in the game, but Garrett likes to give Barber some chances. And you forgot about Tashard Choice.

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