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    However, Cowboys' scoring struggles haven't been limited to preseason games

    [​IMG] By Calvin Watkins

    Q: Are you really concerned about the offense? ... When the season starts and the offense isn't scoring, then there's concern. But running vanilla in the preseason is where we're at. The Cowboys really have a great shot for the S.B. this year barring any serious injuries. -- Joe W. (Belmont, N.H.)
    A: Joe, this is a good way to start off the mailbag for the Oxnard portion of training camp. Yes, it's only two preseason games where the offense didn't score. But if you watch practice every day, and I know you can't because you're in Belmont, you will see the offense has some issues. The offense did some extra work Sunday after the rest of the team had left the practice fields. The red zone offense has even struggled in practice. Now if these things continue in the regular season, sure be concerned. But for now, I agree with you: Let's not get too upset.

    Q: Do you think it would be wise for the Cowboys to go with 10 offensive linemen -- Sam Young being the 10th and fifth offensive tackle? His talent seems rather limited at this point. There are seasons when a 53-man roster player does not suit up for even one game during the season, so why not give Teddy Williams the 53rd spot on the roster rather than risk losing his potential to another team? It sounds like he's made some strides for a player with no CB experience and there is no other CB in the league with a better size/speed ratio. The Raiders are one team that love players like Teddy Williams. I think the Cowboys could slide Sam Young through to the practice squad easier than Teddy Williams. What do you think? -- Ralph (Seekonk, N.J.)

    A: I do believe the Cowboys will keep 10 offensive linemen. Offensive line coach Hudson Houck likes the potential of Sam Young. He moved Young into the starting right tackle spot on Sunday when Marc Colombo went down. He could have moved Robert Brewster over there, but he didn't. I would say the team has a higher regard for Young over Brewster. But don't forget, Alex Barron is the swing tackle and when he gets back he will move in behind Colombo. As far as Williams is concerned, hold up. Williams is fast and will get a look on returns, but he's raw. Secondary coach Dave Campo said Williams is still working on his footwork, especially the back peddle, and is trying to figure out what to do when he sees certain formations. If he gets cut, I'm not sure if the Cowboys will actually lose him to another team. He might be practice squad material.

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