ESPN Watkins: What to look for at the Senior Bowl

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jan 30, 2010.

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    Jan 30 9:54AM CT

    By Calvin Watkins

    Today is the Senior Bowl and if you're watching here's a few players to check out as far as the Cowboys are concerned:

    The Cowboys are interested in drafting a running back, either because they will cut/trade Marion Barber or trade Tashard Choice. I would keep Choice and just cut Barber, but that's me. As for the Cowboys expect running back Ben Tate, a 5-foot-11 218 pounder from Auburn to give them some interest.

    Virginia cornerback Chris Cook is an interesting prospect. The Cowboys interviewed Cook at the Senior Bowl and asked could he play free safety. Cook said yes, though he played mainly both corner spots at Virginia. The Cowboys, while somewhat happy with Patrick Crayton on punt returns and Felix Jones on kick returns, are looking for more speed on punt returns and someone who can make a impact on kick returns in this year's draft.
    Cook has returned kicks before, but he won't in the Senior Bowl.

    Don't be surprised if the Cowboys draft a wide receiver. They've talked to quite a few. Clemson's Jacoby Ford is one to watch out for.

    On Wednesday, Ford said he spoke to the Jets, Packers, Bears, Browns, Colts, Vikings and Buccaneers. He did not talk to the Cowboys, but that doesn't mean they're not interested.

    Ford said he needs to improve against press coverage but once he gets in open space he's gone. Ford was asked what does the think he can run at the combine, "I can guarantee a 4.2. Running is second nature for me."

    Ford's best 40 time, according to him, was at prep school when he ran a 4.12. Ford said he weighed 163 pounds at that time. Now, he's at 181.

    Watch the offensive linemen today.
    Idaho's Mike Iupati, Baylor's J.D. Walton, Arkansas' Mitch Petrus and N.C. State's Ted Larsen have a chance to help themselves.

    The Cowboys scouts feel Iupati will be gone by the time they draft late in the first round, but it's worth watching everybody else.
  2. theogt

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    The bit about trading a player sure sounds like he's not just purely speculating.
  3. RS12

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    Max Unger part 2.
  4. RS12

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    I would call it more thinking outloud. They have alot of money potentially tied up in Barber for a player who looks to be on the decline. Running back avg career 3.5 years. He is entering year six. Likely not worth the money going forward.
  5. Rampage

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    I'll be pissed if Choice isn't on the team next season.
  6. jobberone

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    I wouldn't be surprised by them drafting a RB, WR, CB or S. Nothing but QB and punter would surprise me.
  7. unionjack8

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    if it came down to Choice or Barber i'll take Choice please.

    1. Younger, less wear on body.
    2. Chaeper option.
    3. Good in pass prtection
    4. Good pass catcher out of backfield.

    Running backs in this league ahve a 5/6 year span it looks like right now.
  8. DanTanna

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    Last year's draft was sooo boring because we had no 1st round pick. This year it will be fun again. We need a Felix Jones kind of impact pick vs Carpenter/Spears.:eek:
  9. bbgun

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    Hmm. Whereas MacMahon was merely speculating/advising, this sounds pretty definitive. I wonder what he knows that Tim doesn't.
  10. NextGenBoys

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    The elite ones, have careers much longer. Barber was never elite though.

    I do want all three of our RB's back next year though.
  11. Chocolate Lab

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    Or maybe it's just Watkins' lousy, sloppy reporting again.
  12. dbair1967

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    I agree with him, if it were me I'd cut Barber and keep Choice, but if they are intent on keeping Barber then trading Choice for the right package of pick/s makes alot of sense too. This not a good RB draft IMO and some team that needs a true #1 back might give us something nice in return. I'd much rather trade him for a 2nd and 4th (or something along those lines) than have him rot away as the 3rd back here and only get time if somebody got hurt.

    I really like Ben Tate by the way.
  13. dbair1967

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    Agree 100%, except I'd add I would be surprised if they drafted a TE or RB early as well. I wouldnt be surprised if we drafted one (or both) but not until the later rounds (Saturday)
  14. Hoofbite

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    4.12 is Ford's fastest time?

    Wow. Not sure I believe it but that's insane.
  15. Chocolate Lab

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    I hate 40 times, but if anyone can do it, it would be him. He was the national champion in the 60m dash. Newman was 5th in the nation and an all-America in the 60 -- and probably the best in the NFL -- and he beat TN's time by a tenth of a second. That's insane.
  16. johnnyd

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    right and plus it sucked in terms of immediate impact (outside of buehler of course

    2 things for this year

    1- quality over quantity way to many picks we def. got 2 cute last year ..


    2- we can't draft that many developmental guy's .. we need some of these guy's to play as rookies like our class 2 years ago. i don't mind taking a brew-ster or 2 but we took a 6 pack of those guy's ...see what i did there :D .. you know funny ....

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