News: ESPN: What Garrett can learn from Ron Rivera

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by NewsBot, Jan 30, 2014.

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    The problem with that is that it's probably not a reasonable expectation with this team. They don't have the talent or depth to win more than 10 games. It would be nice to see what could happen if the defense wasn't racked with injuries every year, but at some point we just have to accept we have a fragile team. If you turn on your TV and the first thing you see is Webb and Heath on your screen, then you are not looking at a 12-4 team. I don't need to watch another second to know that.
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    Correct. People for some reason like to act as if Garrett has only had a few seasons to at least perfect his specialty on offense.

    We have been running his offense seven full years. You would be hard pressed to find many coordinators or even head coaches who have had that long working within the confines of the same system.

    But here we are, still looking for fixes after what in NFL years is an eternity.

    What makes it worse is that he has even had the same QB for that time period.

    It is incredible if you consider that despite these key advantages of the signal caller and continuity, things are still not clicking.
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    Remind me again about what's wrong with our offense.
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    It's the little things that make me happy... lol
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    You're right. Of course @WoodysGirl has a point, too. The answer lies twixt the two. My measure is progress and I've been frustrated with the inability to adequately gauge the job we're doing with the plethora of injuries. Sick of that story. Turn the channel.
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    You're correct. You shouldn't have those expectations for 2013, because the 2013 season is over and in the books. I'm a glass half-full kinda gal, so you never know what team we're going to trot out there in 2014. My expectations are never high to begin with, but I'm always hopeful that they'll turn it around.

    I'll say the only time I've ever been confident in the team in the past however many years, where I thought they could win everytime they hit the field was somewhat during the 2005 season with Bledsoe, 2006 after Romo took over and all of 2007. Every season after that has been hopes and wishes. But as a fan, I reserve the right to be hopeful and wishful. lol
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    I'd say they are clicking. Last year improved on the problematic areas a lot esp Sc% and RZ% which are biggies. We still have some problems but finally the offense was good which hasn't always been the case looking back to the latter part of 2007. So I'm looking forward to the offense this year.

    The defense failed last year and the year before but I can't tell what we have with the players we've had to play. There is no way on earth to evaluate it beyond it really stunk up the place. And I really fear this year is going to be a difficult one itself all the cards fall right.
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    Aahhh! The key to happiness Grasshopper. :)
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    Ron Rivera stopped being ultra conservative. He trusted his players more and even developed the nickname "Riverboat Ron". Sure it didn't always work, but his percentages were high. The camaraderie of the team seemed to turn around overnight.

    The offense for the Cowboys while productive, seemed to never take chances, and never go downfield. Garrett needs to change this. Outside of D-Line, I would argue that the talent level on the Cowboys is better than the Panthers.
  10. Coy

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    Followed shortly by calling a good game and stop making clock management mistakes.
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    He can learn a lot of Ron Rivera:

    Step 1: Have your 3rd year starting QB improve his read progressions from the previous year
    Step 2: Have your former 1st round pick weakside linebacker make a remarkable recovery from 3 acl surgeries and play at an all-pro level
    Step 3: Have your 2nd year 1st round pick middle linebacker develop into the best in the league
    Step 4: Have 2 dominant pass rushing defensive ends already in place
    Step 5: Have your rookie defensive tackles picked in the 1st and 2nd rounds this year play lights out in their first season
    Step 6: Pick up a couple good, cheap defensive backs in the offseason
    Step 7: Have a pro-bowl caliber LT and C in place, and then get your LG back from injury this year and have him play at a very high level.

    Good coaching's real easy, isn't it?
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    I don't understand the Dallas media's love for him, I really don't. They act like Jerry about him.

    What's the story on that?
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  13. Aven8

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    Right. How bout Dez throwing the ball on a trick play? Everybody says he can throw it like 70 yds. What's there too lose.
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    When people talk about the offense and how bad it is, it's all code for how much they hate Garrett. It's a personal issue for them.

    I don't want Jason Garrett to be head coach because he's made too many poor decisions standing on the sidelines on game day. I don't think you should be able to ice your own kicker and keep your job.

    But as an OC, a play caller (most of the time) and the system he runs, it's good enough to make the team successful. My only criticism here is that he doesn't run the ball enough. But overall, it's been a pretty good offense. And the numbers support that case, even though many don't want to hear about the stats because they don't support the narrative.
  15. dupree89

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    I think Garrett's lame-duck status has very little to do with Garrett. It has to do with the players. Some of them, not all. Some guys are just going to view Garrett as a guy that "will be gone after this year, so I can tune him out now".

    This is an instance where I give the nod to the 'majority'. And the majority of teams would never have a lame-duck coach. Even the poorly managed and run NY Jets wouldnt do it with Rex Ryan.
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    Oh Lord, Todd Archer just stop with your Garrett homerism, I'm getting sick of it all. Ron Rivera improved his team each year, while Garrett has been stuck in neutral. Garrett was handed a team that went to the playoffs and one a division twice. Rivera wasn't. Rivera has made that defense pretty good, while Garrett's alleged expertise has led to his being demoted and just awful red-zone production and an inability to sustain a running game.
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    Take a look at Carolina's recent draft classes and get back to us.
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    The panthers invested massively on their defense and it paid off,the ginger does not have that kind of time to see our defense make a turnaround. I predict he will be fired midway through the season if the tough schedule leads to a poor start.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    I don't believe a coach on, the hot seat or in last year coaches any better or worse because they want new contract. You coach how you coach.
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    Funny about Rivera being conservative and loosening the reigns, as if Garrett's whole offense isn't based upon throwing vertical. Funny how Tony Romo in previous years had to reign it in. Garrett's play designs suck, which is why they went to Callahan. We were also more conservative with him.

    BTW, Newton wasn't making as mant stupid decisions as well, i.e. he grew as a QB.

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