News: ESPN: Will Romo's form change with the calendar?

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by NewsBot, Dec 2, 2013.

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    Welcome to December, that magical month where NFL quarterbacks are judged. Tony Romo is a dreadful 11-15 in December in his career. If you want to go deeper into seasons, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback is 12-16 in December and January. These are stunning numbers considering Romo normally enters the month with success. He's 24-5 in November, including the past two games this season. And while the Cowboys are tied for first place in the NFC East with the Philadelphia Eagles, how this team finishes will depend on Romo.

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    No, it won't depend on Romo. He has always been great in December. The team around him has been putrid.

    Its amazing how the same two articles keep getting release.

    1) Romo loses in December
    2) Romo has great numbers in December

    Round and around we go.
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    Thanks, Calvin, for your opinion. I guess we'll see how it goes. I'm not worried about the calendar so much as looking at the teams we're actually playing.
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    Since 2009: Romo has 3,654 yds in 13 games (281 yds/gm), 27 TDs, 5 ints. His rating is 106.3... which is actually one point higher than his November rating.

    And it's the 2nd highest December rating in the league in that same span for all QBs.

    So yes. His form will change. Slightly for the better.
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    This article was not written for us, we are not the target audience, it was written for the people that don't know any better... (and they out-number us)
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    no he hasn't been great in december. Every football fan in country will be watching to see if he crumbles once again when things start tightening up at end of season and into playoffs. Romo has alot to prove especially now considering that contract he just got. There is only one way for Romo to silent his critics and that is to play well the whole month and get this team into playoffs and make some noise. Its his 8 season as starter...the (playoffs) should have happened by accident by now.
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    No, you are waiting to see if he is perfect or not. Any INT he makes, especially if it happens near the end of the game, will be shouted out to the heavens as " Romo chokes again in December ". He could play outstanding 177 out of 180 plays, and all we'd hear about are those 3 plays he wasn't perfect.

    We all know this.

    So all Romo has to do to silence his critics is play perfect and still compensate for the usual end-of-year total defensive collapse we always seem to get. Gotcha!
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    the TEAM needs to take a look at themselves in December and make the difference...Tony is comfortable looking in the mirror, now the rest of the team and organization need to stare at their reflection and see if they are the problem and if so, fix that

    the TEAM needs to stop relying on ONE person to take the blame for the TEAM's accountability for what you are doing to help get better and make the playoffs....this story-line is SO old and stale
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    No more alibis for Romo.

    I see other Elite QBs overcome their teams shortcomings and still succeed.

    When does Romo start doing this.?
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    When his pass defense is no longer bottom-ten in the league for multiple seasons in a row.

    Other teams QBs don't overcome weak pass defense, either, btw.
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