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    ARLINGTON, Texas -- You can't blame the Dallas Cowboys' defense for the 24-22 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday night. How can you when a defense gets five sacks and forces a fumble? How about the constant pressure Eagles quarterback Nick Foles was under on Sunday? DeMarcus Ware and Jason Hatcher played their best games in weeks. Rookie DeVonte Holloman was fantastic against the run. However. Overall, the Cowboys' defense allowed 6,645 yards this season -- the most in franchise history.

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    The Defense played good.. 24 pts is still 24 points..

    They got put behind the eight ball a few times.

    Great defenses find a way out of that.
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    Why would anyone expect this defense to be great? Screaming "RESULTS!" without looking at the context is why they fired RR last year. It makes no sense. What was Kiffen supposed to make Jeff Heath a great safety? Nick Hayden? Webb? There was less talent on that defense than a good college team.
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    Umm.. Yeah, Exactly

    Nobody was expecting this defense to be great. Well, not me...

    Just that great defenses find a way . This defense isn't off the hook at all.
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    The defense isn't the reason we lost the last game of the season, but we'd have won the division by 3 games if the defense was even middle of the pack for the entirety of the season.
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    Kiffin is not the problem on D. The philosophy is sound. We almost made it with the scraps we were trotting out on the field. Jimmy Johnson and Tom Landry couldn't win without solid players on the field.

    The problem is Jerry Jones' over-evaulation of his own talent. Poor drafting and horrible contract decisions have hampered this team tremendously. Ryan, Kiffin ... same results.

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    I agree with you. The scheme works if you have the personnel. We don't have it. At the beginning of the season, many said that we don't have the defensive backfield to make the Tampa 2 work. Safeties were not there. Carter didn't pay like Brooks, DLine was scuttled from the get go. To me, that's not the scheme, that's the personnel available to be able to make the scheme work. If you want to say that Kiffin should have gone to more of a press scheme, OK. I can see where you might find some fault there but I don't think you can burn him over the scheme. That was not the problem, to me.
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    i agree that kiffin is not responsible for the injuries. but he is responsible for telling the cornerbacks to hang back and let receivers eat us up.

    conversely, garrett/callahan is responsible for not running the ball more... to eat more clock and keep our weak defense off the field.

    our team has flaws, but it is the task of coaches to compensate for those flaws. too often, the coaches failed.
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    After watching the Niners and Seahawks play, I'm very jealous of their D's.

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