News: espnblog: Cap controversy shows NFL at its worst

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    March, 13, 2012 Mar 1311:57AM ETEmail Print Comments2KBy Dan Graziano
    Larry French/Getty Images
    Redskins fans will have to endure their team paying a $36 million penalty over the next two years.The NFL should be ashamed of itself, but it’s not, because shame is not a concept with which the people who run the NFL are acquainted. The NFL is a corporate monolith so used to having things its own way, so safe from criticism from the people who cover it, watch it on TV and unthinkingly pay small fortunes to attend its games in person that it quite literally believes it can make up its own rules and get away with it.

    The news Monday that the league is docking the Washington Redskins $36 million and the Dallas Cowboys $10 million against the salary cap over the next two years (and spreading that extra cap room out among 28 other teams) isn’t likely to upset anyone other than those two teams and their fans. That’s how the NFL works. No one cares too much as long as their team wins, their fantasy team does well and the games are on TV every Sunday at 1 p.m. This issue, and likely this column, will be forgotten in a few hours when the “free-agency frenzy” the league is selling as this month’s offseason goodie bag kicks into high gear and everybody starts obsessing over which players their teams did or didn’t get -- just the way the league likes it.

    Those ends, the NFL apparently believes, justify all means. Because what the NFL has done in this salary-cap case is a despicable abuse of the power handed to it by flocks of fans who happily fund it while wearing blinders.

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