News: ESPNBoston: Bruschi: Cowboys prone to crunch-time collapse

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    Patriots can exploit Tony Romo's inconsistency in bid for Ryan family sweep
    By Tedy Bruschi and Mike Reiss

    Every week during the season, Mike Reiss and Tedy Bruschi break down the New England Patriots' upcoming game. This week's breakdown is on Sunday's home contest against the Dallas Cowboys:

    Mike: Let's lead off this week with a few stats that nicely summarize this matchup. The Cowboys are just 5-of-15 scoring touchdowns in the red zone and have a minus-4 turnover differential. To me, those stats reflect a team that isn't coming through in the critical situations. On the flip side, coming through in those moments is part of the still-forming Patriots identity. If the Cowboys play clean, I think they have a real chance to win. They just have to prove they can do it.

    Tedy: One of the big things from a Patriots perspective is that Dallas is a team they don't know very well. So the process of getting to know the players is important this week, and they can expect to be quizzed by Bill Belichick. One of the biggest things I take away from last week is the defense playing well on third down (3-of-11 success rate for the Jets). That's almost like a turnover, helping give Tom Brady and the offense extra possessions. The one thing I'd say is that this week is a different test. I think it will be a great measuring stick for the defense against an attack that can throw the ball well.

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    How can you make a fair assessment of a defense based on a performance against the Jets? That offense is poopy.

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