News: ESPND: 5 Wonders: Helping DeMarco Murray

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    By Todd Archer |

    IRVING, Texas -- It’s a quick turnaround for Five Wonders after pushing the series back last week because of the bye, but now it’s back to original programming with its Tuesday spot.

    So here we go, on to the Week 6 wonders:

    ** I wonder if the Cowboys watched some of the games over the bye and came away with different ideas in running the ball. Or at least looked at the statistics. When the Cowboys have three wide receivers on the field, they have picked up 100 yards on 23 carries. When they have two tight ends on the field, they have 68 yards on 35 carries. Try as people might to say DeMarco Murray was at his best with Tony Fiammetta as his lead blocker, he’s actually been better without a fullback and the field is spread. This year he has 70 yards on 16 carries in three-wide packages. Last year he had 224 yards on 22 carries, including the 91-yard touchdown vs. St. Louis with three wides on the field. Garrett wants to be known as a power running team, but it’s just not happening right now. I wonder if they would be better served to run more out of 11 personnel going forward.

    ** I wonder how much more patience Jason Garrett will have with the offensive line. Executive vice president Stephen Jones said on KRLD-FM on Monday that he felt the line was coming together and that it played OK against Chicago. I don’t think he was being polite, but the bar was so low at the start of that Bears’ game that it did not have to go that high. The Cowboys can’t view the possible return of Phil Costa as a game changer. He might know what to do, but can he do it? Coaches tell us the offseason matters and training camp matters. Well, Mackenzy Bernadeau had none of the former and a little of the latter because of injury. Does he get time to get comfortable or does Garrett look at Derrick Dockery sooner rather than later? At some point in his accountability preaching Garrett will have to take the game away from somebody and not just the threat of taking it away. He has not made lineup changes for reasons not related to injury. We’ll see if he does it soon.

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