News: ESPND: 5 Wonders: Lee's picks, McBriar's future, Ryan's D

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    Oct 18
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    By Todd Archer

    We are back wondering about five things as the Cowboys get ready to play St. Louis this week. That would be the winless Rams, dude. But if there’s one thing about the Cowboys we don’t have to wonder about it’s that every game will be a close game.

    And we’re off …

    ** Linebacker Sean Lee leads the Cowboys with three interceptions, which makes me wonder if he will end the year as the team leader in picks.

    ** The Cowboys have 14 players scheduled to hit unrestricted free agency next year and I wonder if it’s time to take at least one of player off that list: punter Mat McBriar.

    ** The Cowboys have had an offensive line built on size and strength for years.

    ** Before last year I wondered if a secondary makes the pass rush or the pass rush makes the secondary.

    ** I wonder if Tony Sparano could end up back with the Cowboys if his time in Miami ends after this year.

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    It is not time to take McBriar off that list. That will get handled in the off season as it should be.

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