News: ESPND: 5 Wonders: Roster good, bad, roles, Austin

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    By Todd Archer

    IRVING, Texas -- Cowboys owner and general manager has openly wondered if he did wrong by Chan Gailey by firing him as coach after two seasons, so with Gailey returning this week as Buffalo’s head coach here is another installment of 5 Wonders:

    ** I wonder if Chris Jones’ successful debut Sunday against Seattle could actually hurt the Cowboys. Jones averaged 43 yards on four punts in filling in for Mat McBriar and the Seahawks did not have a punt-return yard.

    ** I wonder if this is the week the extra kicker on the 53-man roster gets the Cowboys in some trouble.

    ** The Cowboys’ pro scouting department of Tom Ciskowski, Judd Garrett and Will McClay deserve some credit for what it has been able to pull off this season.

    Read the detailed version:
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    Some very good points here:

    I propose the question of cutting down to two kickers - releasing Buehler and putting McBriar on injured reserve.

    Rather than forcing him back when he's not ready, why not give McBriar the rest of the season off to heal what sounds like a serious injury which will likely bother him the rest of this season? It would also give the team a great opportunity to get a good look at Jones and then decide if re-signing McBrair is necessary.

    And kudos to the scouting department on the additions of Fiammetta, Robinson, and Walker. Three great finds and three solid contributors.

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