News: ESPND: 5 Wonders: rushing FGs, no screens, Lissemore

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    By Todd Archer

    IRVING, Texas -- The Cowboys have their biggest game of the season Sunday against the New York Giants. A win and they take command of the NFC East with three games to play. A loss and they will be tied for first place and in a fight for the final three games just to earn a wild-card spot.

    With all that said it’s time for this week’s Five Wonders:

    **I wonder if Dan Bailey’s first miss of the season – a 21-yarder at San Francisco – was running through the minds of Jason Garrett, Joe DeCamillis and Chris Boniol when they called a timeout before the 49-yard attempt Sunday at Arizona. If you can think back to that game, Bailey pushed his kick wide in part because the play clock was running down and he was not able to go through his normal pre-snap routine. The coaches saw the clock winding down this week and saw Bailey going through his steps. They felt he was rushed and called the time out. I don’t believe they “iced” Bailey. I think what happened on the missed kick after the timeout was a little delay in Bailey’s approach because of a slightly high snap from L.P. Ladouceur.

    ** I wonder if defensive lineman Sean Lissemore is turning into another Stephen Bowen. Lissemore, a seventh-round pick last year, had the first full sack of his career Sunday at Arizona and was active in limited snaps as Jay Ratliff’s backup with Josh Brent out of the game with a knee injury. Lissemore can play end or nose and he has a non-stop motor, which is why the Cowboys drafted him. And he’s an athlete if anybody remembers his kick return earlier in the season. Bowen was an undrafted pickup in 2006 out of Hofstra and each year he improved. At first he was a role player. Then he became a nickel pass rusher. Last year he showed he can be a full-time player. In the offseason he cashed in with a free agent deal from Washington. Lissemore has improved in his first two years and is starting to change those initial impressions.

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    Has anyone asked Numbnuts Garrett why he didn't call a screen to the RBs?

    Or should I just go ahead and quote Numbnuts Garrett, "I don't have a great answer for you" when asked if he told Romo to spike the ball.

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