News: ESPND: Aggressive Tony Romo: 'No one wants to be average'

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Oct 13, 2011.

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    Oct 13
    PM CT
    By Tim MacMahon

    IRVING, Texas – You don’t have to worry about Tony Romo overreacting to a handful of critical turnovers.

    Romo doesn’t plan to throw caution to the wind – or the football to the opposing defense – but he has no intentions to tone down his aggressive style. Nor does his head coach want Romo to play it safe, at least not most of the time.

    “You have to be aggressive,” Jason Garrett said. “If you’re not aggressive, you’re not going to be a very good quarterback in this league.”

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  2. ThreeSportStar80

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    Romo needs to stop turning the damn ball over in the 2nd half of games...
  3. Reality

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    What a great point! :rolleyes:

  4. Cowboys&LakersFan

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  5. adbutcher

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  6. RXP

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    Romo needs to understand that when the gunslinger gets the team to that 24point lead in teh second half of a game, its time to turn things down a notch and work on some game management.

    QB's need to understand the situation they are in. They need to understand when it's time to fling the ball around and when it's time to be a bit more careful with the ball.

    That doesn't mean run, run, run, punt. But it does mean throwing the ball into the stands instead of into double coverage. Or taking a sack. There is a time to take chances and a time when not to take chances. Romo needs to better understand that.
  7. Hostile

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    I would love it if Romo and Garrett just said, "Screw it. Let's score some points." And kept the throttle wide open the rest of the season. It'd be kind of funny to watch the reactions as the victories mounted. And if we blew another one the same way. So much drama.
  8. ROUSH8692

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    Yea cuz he calls the plays ..... Some people here know nothing about football.
  9. RXP

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    And you know that 1. Romo can change the play at the LOS and 2. Romo can throw the ball away or take a sack when there is nothing there.

    You don't know that? Some people around here know nothing about football.
  10. DFWJC

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    That would one wild ride.

    Some seem to forget how early in the second half two of those picks were last game. I just don't hear much of teams dialing it back in the middle of the 3rd quarter. The momentum would be lost and the other team would start to make a move anyway.

    Now if you have a huge lead in the mid-late 4th qtr and the D is still holding up (ours has faded in the 4th qtr some this year) then I would throttle down.

    Of course, very game is different based on how potent the opposing offense is, etc.
  11. ninja

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    Yeah, well Romo and Garrett are both average right now. 2-2. Romo has a little excuse because he was injured for roughly 3 games.

    Garrett has no excuse for his utter stupid playcalling at crucial times. I guess Garrett just needs some more on-the-job training.:rolleyes:

    If Garrett hasn't gotten it by now, he ain't gonna somehow "grow" into a good coach.
  12. ROUSH8692

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    When you have proof that he changed a play at LOS that results in a INT then come and flood this forum with your knowledge. Wanna know one play he DID change? The last pass play to Holley in the 49ers game. I guess he should have ran it huh....

    As far as him throwing the football away, he has done that more this season than any other.

    Ill see you monday when you become his biggest fan again
  13. Sportsbabe

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    But now I understand why he plays the way he plays .... and why he is mistake prones (to put it mildly). I was waiting for something I could work with.
  14. CowboysPhan

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    As far as him throwing the football away, he has done that more this season than any other.

    Thank you! I'm amazed at how many people keep saying Romo needs to learn to throw the ball away. They act like he never does that. My gosh! Watch the games, people! He throws the ball away when there's nothing there constantly! Yeah, sometimes he forces the ball or makes a bad throw, but for crying out loud stop acting like he does this every game! I see him make lots of careful decisions to get rid of the ball when the receivers are covered a lot more than I see him force it. That's why I'm always shocked when he DOES throw one of those! If he just forced the ball all the time and never threw it away, the Cowboys would never win, and no one would get upset because we'd all be numb from it always happening.
  15. Chocolate Lab

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    What a dumb thing to say, Tony. As if smart play is necessarily "average".
  16. Hoofbite

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    Has he?

    I just went watched three of the games, all of his incompletions and you might be able to say that he's done it 5 times.

    NY: 1 legit, 2 in the 4th quarter with less than :20 seconds in the of which was a bad snap.

    Det: 1. When he was rolling out behind Choice and chucked it at his feet.

    9ers: 1. And this one is a maybe because it looked like he thought Austin was going up field when he didn't.

    Haven't watched the Skins game yet but I can't imagine things will be much different.

    Now, I may not have caught them all because I was skipping through Game Rewind looking for his incompletions but aside from the last :20 of the Jets game, we're talking 1 per game......maybe.
  17. Gemini Dolly

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    Ive already come to the conclusion Tony will never change. I dont see him lasting much longer. So if I had to choose between him being aggressive or him playing timidly, I rather him go out playing aggressive. Obviously, he just will never get it. He will never find that happy balance of when to push the pedal to the medal and when you have to just manage situations.

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