News: ESPND: Barry Church disputes personal fouls

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. WoodysGirl

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    Oct 14
    AM ET
    By Tim MacMahon |

    ARLINGTON, Texas -- After twice being penalized for late hits on Robert Griffin III, Barry Church knows there's a possibility that he'll be receiving one of those dreaded envelopes from the NFL office this week.

    “Man, I hope not,” Church said. “That was some ... I'm not going to say it. I don't know. If it happens, it happens. That guy's high-stepping. He's about to show me up. He's high-stepping over there to the sideline -- nah. And the second one, I'm getting blocked! How am I roughing him if I'm getting blocked? Whatever, man.”

    The contact wasn't malicious in either case, and Church is convinced that neither flag was warranted.

    “That was frustrating,” Church said. “It was real frustrating, both of those penalties. I guess it's part of the game, though.”

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  2. lurkercowboy

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    Does anyone else think they were ticky-tack calls?
  3. 65fastback2plus2

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    2nd one for sure was. he didnt know if griffin was going to keep trying to go down the sideline or not
  4. Ntegrase96

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    They both were questionable, but I thought the 2nd was the most legitimate since Griffin was already out of bounds and he got his hands up around Griffin's head.

    The first one was absolutely pathetic. Griffin was probably going out of bounds, but to me it looked like he initially approached Church with the intent of making a move (long strides) and cutting up field. But he changed his mind and decided to go out of bounds instead. Nonetheless, Griffin was still technically in bounds, and his skill-set has put him in a position where it's 100% necessary for him to be completely out of bounds or for him to be tackled for the play to be considered over.
  5. blindzebra

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    Especially when Harris got hit 5 feet OOBs on a return.
  6. Idgit

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    I didn't like either call, but both of them were borderline.
  7. DuceizBak

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    the first one was eh...the one where he hit griffin in the chin..even if it was unintentional, should of been called.
  8. Future

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    To the rules, they were both borderline calls. In terms of how the game should be played or whatever, they shouldn't be penalties AT ALL. He should have just lit RGIII up for that high step thing, and honestly, I think we are going to see, at some point in the near future, someone is going to just lay someone out on the sidelines to make a point. Not necessarily a Cowboy, but if they are going to call the ticky tack stuff anyways, might as well just hit a guy as hard as you can and take the 15.
  9. Ntegrase96

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    As a side note. They should have taken a chance and buried him on some of the read option stuff, regardless of where the ball was.

    We've already learned earlier this year that, that was the most effective way to get the opposing OC to cease the gimmick.
  10. Future

    Future Intramural Legend

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    In a perfect world yea, but I dont think we had the DLine depth to commit a guy to hitting someone who didnt have the ball. To stop the run, we had to have 4 guys holding their ground. Couldn't afford to be taking guys out of position with stuff like that.
  11. big dog cowboy

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    Part of the game you guess? Somebody please give Church a rulebook.
  12. Rack Bauer

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    If that's "part of the game" I will quickly lose interest in this "Game".
  13. Hoofbite

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    Does anyone even know what he was trying to do on the 2nd one? Gouge out RG3s eyes?

    The first one was worse, IMO. At least in terms of being a "bad call" because he can say he was trying to make a play and RG3 wasn't out yet.

    The 2nd one he was clearly blocked and just started cat fighting. The 2nd one just looked ridiculous and he probably got penalized for being an idiot rather than actually what he did to Griffin.
  14. EGG

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    It's crazy, the guy is capable of changing direction and taking it to the house at mach speed but you're supposed to give him a free pass when he's near the sideline.
  15. starfrombirth

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    "Church points out that Griffin, who rushed for 815 yards and seven touchdowns last season and ran for 77 yards on nine carries Sunday night, is too dangerous to treat like a typical quarterback once he leaves the pocket. "

    Church has a point. Griffin has made a living doing this and walking the razors edge between taking it out of bounds and drawing the penalty or making a move upfield and making the defender look stupid. What's he supposed to do? On the 2nd penalty the defender is blocking him with hands to the face... that didn't get called did it? And Church's head is looking up so he can't necessarily see where the boundry is... he just knows that he's close and tries to give RG3 a nudge to push him out.
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  16. jrumann59

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    sorry any QB that leaves the posket and crosses the line of scrimmage is in essence no different than a RB/TE/WR and should be treated as such. I heard a blurb on Washington sports talk that RG3 does the little dance along the sideline to draw these type of penalties.

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