News: ESPND: Barry Church, Matt Johnson look like starting safeties

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Mar 19, 2013.

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    Mar 19
    AM CT

    By Calvin Watkins |

    PHOENIX -- As of today, the Dallas Cowboys' starting safeties are Barry Church, who is coming off a torn Achilles, and Matt Johnson, who didn't play a down his rookie season because of hamstring injuries.

    It's not an ideal situation for the Cowboys and it's a concern as they head into the draft and this free-agency period. The Cowboys don't have enough room under the salary cap to sign a veteran safety, although it's something that could happen down the line, and the draft is an unknown because you're not sure if the player you want will be available.

    "We think our two starters probably are on our team," team executive vice president Stephen Jones said Monday. "We may get some insurance there, just like we did with Ernie (Sims), and then of course we’re going to draft. We’ve got some players to draft and college free agents to get, but we do think our two young guys could start for us."

    The issues for the Cowboys is when and if Church will be ready to fully practice with the team and whether Johnson can remain healthy.

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  2. BoysFan4ever

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    Scary thought.
  3. CashMan

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    It is just laughable, how they run this team. Someone who had an achillies injury, and a rookie, who couldnt even make it on the field, you want as your starting safeties.

    I cancelled my NFL sunday ticket with directv, I can not pay, to watch what they are going to trot on the field this year...
  4. jjktkk

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    Did you skip the part of Jones's statement about adding a vet. S, and possbily drafting a S? Read the whole statement, and also realize that NFL coaches, GMs, etc... , like to send out smokescreens this time of year before the draft.
  5. Frozen700

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    They love to cry.....

    Let them
  6. CashMan

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    Everyone knows, Dallas needs a safety, it is not a smokescreen.
  7. ajk23az

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    You make it sound like an Achilles injury is impossible to come back from.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Unfortunately, we've seen what we thought to be smoke screens in March, end up being the roof on fire in Sept.

    The same things were said last year and we went out and signed Pool, who proceeded to collect his signing bonus and promptly fail his conditioning test.

    I think fans are well withing their rights to worry about this team and how they view certain positions, such as Safety.
  9. jobberone

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    I have no problem with fans being skeptical period and certainly not with this team.

    On another note, I suspect they are being frank about expecting Church and Johnson to start at this moment in time. Right now those are the best players to put on the field.

    I expect them to try and draft a safety but they aren't going to reach for one nor should they have to. They'll pick up some insurance during camp if it appears they need it which I expect them to. In fact I won't be surprised to see 4 safeties on the final roster not counting McCray who I see as a final last stand at S as well as a STs ace. That will leave us short elsewhere probably at CB. It'd be nice to find an older CB who can play S which would negate that problem.
  10. TheFinisher

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    There's no excuse for us to fail to address Safety in the draft. There are about 10 or so players that are better Day 1 than what we have on the current roster.
  11. jobberone

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    I'd bet a lot of money they are targeting a few of the safeties in the draft. But I don't think they will take a player they don't feel warm and fuzzy about just to draft a S. If someone is there in the appropriate spot for them to draft they will take a hard look at that S and any other targeted players in that tier.

    And I don't think there are ten safeties in the draft better than Church. I have no idea how good Johnson is because I've not seen him play. But they have a pretty good idea what he should be able to do.
  12. ghst187

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    there's still a glut of vet cbs out there without jobs....and the market for them probably won't be much better after the draft....maybe we'll be able to find a deal
  13. TheFinisher

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    Church has become incredibly overrated on this board. He was a UDFA who was serviceable in 2011 due to injuries to the position, but I'm missing where he became a stud while on IR this season. He's a nice player to have on the team, decent stop-gap option, quality depth you can count on... but that's really it.

    This safety class is loaded; Vaccaro, Elam, Cyprien, Shamarko Thomas, Shawn Williams, Baccari Rambo, Eric Reid, Phillip Thomas, Swearinger, McDonald, Jefferson, Evans, Wolff, Wilcox, Duke Williams...

    That's 15 that are more talented than what we currently have, don't settle for mediocrity.
  14. Kristen82

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    So do we need to add just one starting S or two? More sold on Church than Johnson so we need a FS at least.
  15. TheFinisher

    TheFinisher Well-Known Member

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    Like I said, Church is not a bad stop-gap option but he's not a long term solution. I wouldn't be against drafting 2 safeties if the values matched up.
  16. fifaguy

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    Don't think Johnson will ever see the field
  17. Nation

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    Not ready to hit the panic button yet. Our starting ILB's last year were Sean Lee, who had been injured previously, and Bruce Carter who barely played at all and was coming off an injury. And I trust them for the future as well.
  18. Wood

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    16 years and 1 playoff victory. Nobody should be surprised by Dallas approach any longer.
  19. CowboyStar88

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    Hopefully you will stop posting as well. talk about overreaction
  20. RastaRocket

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    So do they, but they have no idea who will be available in the draft and can't sign anybody right now. What do you expect them to say? :laugh2:

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