News: ESPND: Bill Belichick praises Jason Garrett

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    Oct 12
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    By Calvin Watkins

    IRVING -- In a nearly 16 minute conference call with reporters on Wednesday morning, New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick had some positive things to say about Cowboys coach Jason Garrett.

    Of course he would, but based on what Garrett has done, turned the Cowboys 2010 season around and have them playing better this season, it seems justified.

    "I haven't had a lot of personal interaction with Jason," Belichick said. "Certainly as a quarterback and his experience in the league that's a great learning ground to be a coach, where you experience all the game plans. From the quarterback position you see as much of the game from that position, more than any other one, I think that's good training for anybody who wants to be a coach."

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    Calvin....come on, brother. If you struggle to write interesting content, at least nail the editing.
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    At a certain point Belicheat sounds like Charlie Brown's teacher.
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    What does Belichick know? People here have assured me Garrett is in an OJT mode and may never get it.

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