News: ESPND: Bill Callahan: Cowboys should simplify things for Tony Romo

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    Oct 11
    PM CT
    By Tim MacMahon |

    Callahan said the coaching staff also wants to simplify things before the snap for Romo, who has committed 10 turnovers during the Cowboys’ 2-2 start.

    “We talked about just lightening his load and trying to do things that are simple and giving him more peace of mind that he can just come up and call a play and run it,” Callahan said. “That simplification will help all of us.”

    “When you get on the road and you play in these types of environments, you’ve really got to be sharp,” Callahan said. “You’ve got to be in tune, and obviously if you have less and you can function a little bit faster, it certainly helps you.”

    Callahan is referring to the amount of checks that Romo is required to make at the line of scrimmage. The Cowboys, like a lot of NFL teams, often essentially have two or three plays called and rely on Romo to pick the best one based on pre-snap reads.

    Callahan’s belief is that cutting back on those checks “allows the quarterback to function a little bit freer.”

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  2. Prossman

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    He has been our starter for 6 years, and now its time to simplify things? Not good.
  3. ravidubey

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    It's more than this, IMO. Callahan wants the offensive coaches to gain more control over the game. They know when they want to run and when they want to pass based on a lot of factors, but Romo currently can change the plays at will.

    That essentially takes the offensive coaches out of the game a bit, and they need to be more involved. I also think they want Romo to change the play less often so he can focus on executing what they are calling. I like that (though his helmet receiver will make that harder on the road).

    With this offensive line, the team has to be more conservative and must call more running plays (especially those draw plays they ran all the time in 2009). Because of the lack of talent up front, the offensive coaches have to micro-manage the play-calling to make sure it happens.
  4. jblaze2004

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    this...this is why I never really can fault garrett for the plays when romo changes the play alot of the time/picks the play.

    But I do wish our plays had better designs and we ran more formations.

    Look at rg3 with the skins. They run basic plays with simple reads. They have one of the top scoring offenses. They have alot of plays that can come off the same looks but be a run or pass.
  5. rickjameschinaclub

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    You mean you can't blame Garrett for not adjusting the offense for Romo to suit his skills, whatever that may be?
  6. ConstantReboot

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    Well maybe its because Garrett calls the wrong plays for the certain situations that would be counterproductive. I can see why Romo would want to change the plays. Why run it up the middle on every first down? The lack of creativity and the predictability of our offense makes Romo change it up.

    Besides, this is Garrett's offense remember. Thus I think most of the blame should go to him.
  7. Sarge

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    The offense is in such rough shape - it is borderline in disarray. It's very disheartening. I know.......broken record.....................
  8. Hoov

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    Is it too much for Romo to make the pre snap adjustments or is it too much for him to get the rest of the offense to run the right play when he is making the adjustments.
  9. DCBoysfan

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    I have never been a fan of the head coach calling his own plays on offense or defense I would like to see Callahan make the calls.
  10. Future

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    I agree that it needs to be simplified...but I think it needs to be done so for the OLine and WRs. Tony seems to have great command of the offense for the most part.
  11. RoyTheHammer

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    According to Bill and Jason, it may be too much for him and he's trying to do too much.
  12. Hoov

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    Bill said they diagnosed and corrected the problem with the OLine commiting all the false start penalties. The next game it proved to be true. I have to give respect to that.

    Now Bill is saying that simplifying the presnap reads should help improve the offense, I'll have to give him the benefit of doubt and see how it goes this weekend.
  13. blackbull

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    Best news I heard all week. Only thing that should be changed at the Los is whether it's a pass or a run. No switching pass to a pass. I love it.
  14. blackbull

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    Adjust to your personnel baby. Be the coach we all want you to be Jason. We aren't Peyton's Colts do stop with the trying to outsmart teams. Stop it please
  15. Bluestang

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    Simplifying the playcalls is the easiest solution for an offense that is struggling:

    1. It helps the players understand their exact assignments without having to think about the other assignments if the playcall is switched at LOS.
    2. Sometimes the "check w/ me" calls to the pass catchers can entail various options and when the QB and pass catcher are not on the same page it can be disastrous.
    3. The second part of that is that the QB can get the play off on time rather than having to direct the whole offense on a "check w/ me" call.

    I don't think this change is really for Romo, but I think it directed more for the other 10 guys on the offense.
  16. CyberB0b

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    Seems to work fairly well for NO and GB.
  17. WoodysGirl

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    I think it's more the latter than the former.
  18. Doomsday

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    I agree with Callahan, keep it is simple!
  19. jnday

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    I have thought for a while that the confusion that goes on in the seconds before the snap was hurting the offense. Romo has to line up the entire offense before a play can be run. I think much of the miscommunication between Romo and the WRs comes from things being too complicated.
  20. RoyTheHammer

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