News: ESPND: Bill Callahan: Cowboys should simplify things for Tony Romo

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Oct 11, 2012.

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    The total mess that is the Dallas Cowboys offense is squarely on Jason Garrett's shoulders, imo. How many years has Jason Garrett been in charge of the Dallas offense? This is year six, and Tony Romo is still throwing interceptions all over the place and turning the football over during segments of a season. Garrett and Romo are tied at the hip, imo. How many years have they been together now?

    Tony Romo should be held accountable for his play and his share of mistakes. Ultimately, the football is in his hands. However, who is holding Jason Garrett accountable for his coaching or mistakes or his mismanagement of games? Do the Cowboys have a legit, trained, qualified NFL general manager who can objectively evaluate Jason Garrett and hold him accountable for his performance?

    The Cowboys are just set up for failure, and Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones are the puppet masters.

    Bill Parcells left the Cowboys a solid foundation to build upon. Moreover, Parcells has stated more than one time that the Cowboys should be able to win with Tony Romo. When Parcells makes that statement, he is taking a veiled, justified shot at Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones, imo. Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones are tied at the hip, too.
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    winner winner chicken dinner
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    I think this is a product of how dumb our players are. Half the time they don't know which route to run, where to lineup, how to read a defense effectively.

    So what I took from it is he is simplifying the offense so that Tony can call a play, and the players can just focus on running it.
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    much more likely this is a veiled shot at the rest of the O for not being able to figure things out.

    We do not have a really complicated offense. So sadly I must go more towards the idea that our players are just not that smart.
  5. Joe Rod

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    Didn't they do this last year as well?
  6. Rack Bauer

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    Romo doesn't need things simplified. The offensive line does.
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    Red flag that we need to 'simplify' things. When coaches start saying that, there's a ton of things going wrong that we don't even know about. It's like a 'players only meeting'. But then again, anyone who has actually watched the games already knew our offense was dysfunctional

    On the plus side, I think this article shows the benefit of having an OC like Callahan. An experienced football guy who can come up with ways to run the offense better. He fixed the presnap penalties the game before, and I think they're right about simplifying things for the offense. It's a great thing that we have someone to counter Garrett's inexperience and unwillingness to do anything different.
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    There's three teams WORSE at running the ball than us? That's got to be brutal to watch.
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    Yeah, I don't think this is on Romo as much as it is on the rest of the offense. Anyone who has watched the Cowboys can see that Romo is trying to get guys in place before the ball is snapped. You really can't do that unless you know the offense. I just don't think the players know, and because Romo is the play caller and does know (and because any turnover is going to point back to him), Callahan is basically taking the burden off Romo's shoulders in having to make complicated calls and make sure the offense knows what it's supposed to be doing when those calls are made.
  10. JonJon

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    I think this applies for Dez Bryant as well. I think all the pre-snap audibles combined with him having to make pre-route and hot read adjustments for each audible made is too much for him and others. Simplify it and suddenly everyone is on the same page with less confusion. Then all it comes down to is execution. I think this will help the offense tremendously.
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    might not be the best idea to simplify things when going up against a defense that has had our number and was saying after the last game that they knew what we were going to run
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    It's been reported that Romo is very good at presnap reads - not sure that I can determine that myself from viewing on TV - but it does look as though he is decisive with making the calls and pointing things out pre snap. The part that actually looks hectic is all the different signals and the manner in which he is trying to communicate what he is seeing to the rest of the offense.

    However, can we really beleive that most of our players are that dumb and cant adjust to the calls. If it was one player that kept making mistakes that would be one thing (and it has been pointed out that Dez has run the wrong route more than once)- But in the past this was said of other wr's and at times Witten has run something different from what Romo was expecting and i dont think he is a dumb player. And all the OLinemen cant be too dumb to understand the playbook and adjustments unless garret is trying to run an unusual and extremely complicated offense.

    So, just trying to figure out exactly where and why the breakdown is occurring.
  13. Gemini Dolly

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    Keep it simple, stupid.
  14. MoClaiborne24

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    This is what I always lean toward, but who knows...

    It's baffling.
  15. Zman5

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    Because we have so many stupid players on offense.
  16. Risen Star

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    But it has nothing to do with giving the QB too much responsibility. It has everything to do with a severe lack of talent along the offensive line.
  17. Rack Bauer

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    I still don't get how callahan would word it like that... "Keep it simple for Romo". Romo isn't the one that needs it kept simple, it's the other 10 morons out there with him. If they'd play at his level it wouldn't be an issue.
  18. jobberone

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    When the offense is out of sync it is not a bad idea to make things a little more simple. I have the feeling that Garrett can put a complicated product out there.
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    I enjoy how this thread turned quickly into a "defend Romo" thread after hearing Callahan's comments.

  20. Biggems

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    when u have an OL that does not block well and commits a lot of boneheaded penalties, WRs who dont run the proper routes, and a QB who has to force the issue to compensate for the shortcomings of his teammates..........simplifying the offense makes a lot of sense. hopefully it works

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