News: ESPND Broaddus: Tony Romo will always try to make a play

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    By Bryan Broaddus

    The minute Tony Romo stepped off the field against the Lions, you knew the questions were once again going to be asked of Jason Garrett after another crushing defeat to a team the Cowboys had a double-digit lead on in the fourth quarter.

    No position takes more heat in a defeat or gets more praise when things go well than quarterback. It’s something that all quarterbacks understand, at all levels. It’s a position where you can play with brilliance for 58 minutes then wilt under the glare of blinding pressure in the final two minutes.

    Mistakes are part of the game. Bad decisions are just as important as the good ones. Quarterbacks prepare all week to avoid mistakes, because their mistakes and decisions directly affect the outcome of the game, good or bad.

    I know that Tony Romo understands this in thought, but there is something that we scouts saw in him many years ago coming out of Eastern Illinois. Romo is not a robot quarterback. You can’t program him to play. He plays on feel, determination and guts.

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    Romo needs to keep doing his thing but make better choices and he can do that. Romo is a baller, JG has to let him ball...
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    At 31 it's too late to try and change Romo...
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    I thought that was a really good read. For the most part, I agree with all that was written. It will remain a balancing act with Tony. You have to take the good with the bad. After 16 games, we hope that there is way more good than bad. What many have failed to notice; Romo is throwing the ball better this year than last. His accuracy and ball placement has been very very good.
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    The thing is, he's done it. Look at 2009. He threw up that stinker against the Giants early in the season. After that, he made what looked like a conscious decision to be more careful with the ball. And he did so, successfully, for the whole season after that.

    The question is, was that a fluke, or can he pull it together again? Beats me.

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