News: ESPND: Bruce Carter tackles responsibility

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    Cowboys' second-year LB holds his own anchoring defense with Sean Lee out

    Updated: November 7, 2012, 1:17 AM ET
    By Calvin Watkins |

    IRVING, Texas -- When the Dallas Cowboys lost Sean Lee for the season with a toe injury, questions were raised again about inside linebacker Bruce Carter.

    After watching Carter get credit for 13 solo tackles the past two games, there shouldn't be any more issues regarding his ability to become one of the leaders for the Cowboys' defense.

    Carter has taken over the signal-calling duties with Lee out. He has been paired up with Orie Lemon, Dan Connor and Ernie Sims at inside linebacker.

    "Obviously, Sean Lee has been the quarterback of our defense, and did such a great job for us, was playing about as well as any linebacker in the league," Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said. "And not only was he playing so well, he also was the guy who was in control of the communication, the calls, the adjustments, and Bruce had to take on more of that responsibility. And what was most impressive about his performance the past couple of weeks without Sean being here is the fact that he hasn't really slowed down his play."

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    So...we're all in agreement that Hos was right about this, then?
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    Absolutely, but I never had a doubt!

    Getting any others to admit anything even remotely favorable about Hostile is like trying to get a horse to walk backwards.
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    im happy to say that i was wrong about Carter. in the next few years him and Lee will be the next Willis/bowman? Too Bold?
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    I was expecting more negative reaction to that crack, frankly. That pot needs stirring every now and then.
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    I knew Carter was a special player... I saw him play at UNC. SPEED, POWER AND FOOTBALL SMARTS = DYNAMIC PLAYER
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    Carter has been outstanding. The way he stepped up vs. Atlanta really showed a lot. By far the biggest improvement at any position on the entire team.

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