News: ESPND: Camp observations: Kyle Orton goes deep again

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    By Todd Archer |

    IRVING, Texas – Jason Garrett was imploring players early in Thursday's practice to get through Day 2 of the pre-training camp workout at Valley Ranch with the same bounce in their steps as they had on Day 1.

    Even with the early starting time, the heat was taking its toll on some players, with several cramping up and needing rest. With only four healthy players, the wide receivers are getting a ton of work and feeling it.

    At different times, Cole Beasley, Tim Benford, Saalim Hakim and Donavon Kemp needed to take a few minutes.

    On to the observations:

    ** For the second straight day, Kyle Orton went deep with his first throw on seven-on-seven, this time connecting with undrafted rookie WR Cole Beasley, who ran past CB Teddy Williams, a former NCAA sprint champion. Beasley made a nice adjustment on the throw to his outside shoulder, holding on to the football as he fell to the ground.

    ** The secondary and linebackers are aggressive in coverage, coming up with a number of deflections. LB Ashton Whiteside, undrafted out of Abilene Christian, had two, batting down Stephen McGee passs to tight ends James Hanna and Andrew Szczerba.

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    Included in this report is the indication that Jenkins did in fact throw overhand - just couldn't throw more than 10 yards.

    I don't know how pressed for time these guys are. Nor do I know how much access they get to good information. But if it were me, once I observed that with Jenkins I'd try to find someone who could tell me just what it means in his rehab. Significant? Or no?

    What I wouldn't do is to jump to my own conclusion.

    This report also indicates Hanna made a couple nice catches today where Watkins I think dinged him today for being inconsistent. When I read it I wondered if this was new data or someone just repeating a mantra.

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