News: ESPND: Changes in personnel roles are paying off

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    Sep 5
    AM ET
    By Calvin Watkins |

    IRVING, Texas -- In what could have been described as a subtle change in how the Dallas Cowboys do business, Tom Ciskowski was able to get pro personnel assignments taken off his plate so he could concentrate on college players and prepare the NFL draft board and Will McClay was asked to take over the pro scouting duties as the new assistant director of player personnel.

    Ciskowski was in charge of both areas until this spring, when the Jones family decided to split the duties. Ciskowski is the director of scouting and McClay is the assistant director of player personnel.

    "I give Will a lot of credit and I don’t want to be negative toward Tom because some years [trades] present themselves," Cowboys executive director Stephen Jones said. "Tom had a lot on his plate trying to do college and pro and I think we decided, just like we’re doing a lot of things different, let's try to get better, let's divide up the role and let's get more out of both of them."

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    I'm surprised this hasn't received much attention yet. This is actually pretty big news.

    I didn't even realize that they made personnel changes on this grand of a scale, and yeah... it looks like it's paying off. Even if none of these dealings pan out, it's the savvy moves they're making that we haven't seen here in a while that are impressive. This is how a FO should operate.

    Thanks, WG.
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    Well, when word came out that Will was given a title change and I assume a pay raise in the offseason to keep him in Dallas, it was kinda met w/a ho-hum attitude. If nothing else, this article kinda suggests that it was a true philosophical change based on the shift in responsibilities.
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    I thought the Colts did interview Tom. In fact, I don't think the Cowboys can deny him the opportunity since it would be a promotion. I honestly think our personnel department is about to get raided this offseason.
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    I really hope that it doesn't, but I do agree. Tom has done a phenomenal job the last couple of seasons IMO. I can easily see him getting a GM job.
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    I'm with you on this. All these late moves may not help in the long run, but at least we know they are not leaving any stones unturned.
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    just sad it has taken this long to get it done.
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    Churn baby churn.

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