News: ESPND: Chapas Fined $20,000

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Picksix, Dec 8, 2011.

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    They need a way to fix this.

    For some players, a $20K fine is irrelevant, but it's basically everything Chapas made.

    And I don't think that was worthy of a big fine anyway.
  3. Hostile

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    Wait, a punt return led to a 5 yard TD catch?

    Am I missing something?
  4. Doomsday101

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    They forgot to put the TD on the board for us. We win!!!!:laugh2:
  5. AbeBeta

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    bet he wished he stayed on the practice squad!!!
  6. WoodysGirl

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    I've heard they can make payment arrangements...

    But he plans to appeal anyway, so hopefully it'll get reduced.
  7. jazzcat22

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    I noticed that too. We are both missing it.
  8. cowboys2233

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    Must have been quite a blindside hit!
  9. EPL0c0

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    "IRVING, Texas -- Rookie fullback Shaun Chapas made a little bit more than $22,000 in his first game on the active roster last week at Arizona.

    The NFL wants $20,000 of it..."

    Read the rest of the article

    this is a bit ridiculous... $20k?

    Does anybody by chance have a video clip of the hit?
  10. CanadianCowboysFan

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    so it was a good play, no penalty, but he is fined his entire game cheque ou presque
  11. The Emperor

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    See, that's what you do if you're Roger Goodell. You pick on rookies and let Super Thug publicly call out the referees for not throwing flags. That's a good thing.
  12. Jimz31

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    120 Likes Received the article stated, the guy was in pursuit of Dez....what is he supposed to do? Wait until the guy turns his head and THEN block him?

    This is one of the problems when it comes to this so-called commissioner and his levying of fines. He should understand that this IS football and that is how it is played.

    My 10 year old son was completely way-layed by a blind side block and I don't blame the kid on the other team for doing it. When I got over to him, all I said was "Got jacked up didn't ya?" He had tears in his eyes, but he said "I think I got him too..." I just replied, "I think you got knocked out..." and just chuckled and helped him up.

    Has this guy ever even played the game? Or if he did, was he always getting jacked up and this is his way of taking it out on those guys as a way of narcissistically "getting back" at people like the ones that jacked him up.

    I've seen plenty of plays that were just good plays that get a flag and sometimes not, yet get a fine...but not always. Which is a problem with "when" and to "who" he decides to fine. This "defenseless" receiver rule is also BS. Sure, they are ALWAYS defensless when their hands are in the air, but now the brass expected CB's to allow them to catch the ball, tuck it in and THEN they can hit them.

    Yes, before you know it, this game will get oh-so close to touch football.

    Only ONE way to stop the "hard" hitting....make them use helmets like in the old days. That's the ONLY thing that will slow some of these guys up...if that is what they really want.
  13. JoeCorrado

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    That is just wrong... 20k?? Isn't this his first offense?
  14. links18

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    Giveth with one hand taketh away with the other. Welcome to the real world Shaun........:(
  15. BIGDen

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    And how much was that jerk who intentionally injured Robinson fined?
  16. Givincer

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    Whether this was a warranted fine or not, it's a perfect example of why fines should be levied as a percentage of earnings in a given game. Makes no sense that he lost over 90% of what he earned.
  17. ChldsPlay

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    Infractions should cost the same for everyone. Not to get political, but players should not be punished for making more money than someone else. Absolutely no reason to make someone pay more or less for doing the same thing.
  18. RoyTheHammer

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    Frankly, i find it hard to believe that most of the responses in this thread are talking about HOW MUCH he was fined, and not the fact that its completely ridiculous that he was fined at all.

    Forgive me, i can not respond to this article with complete honesty, because i would be banned for what i said in a quick minute.

    At the very least.. this should make every fan of the game of football want to march to Goodell's door and kick it down and ring his puny little neck.

    You're going to fine a guy 95 percent of his freaking game check because he made a hard, clean football play?!


    It wasn't even a friggin penalty! Just a hard, clean football hit!

    ..and you fine the guy 20 grand. That's a travesty and a joke and shows how pathetic the game of football is going to become under this absolute clown of a commish.
  19. joseephuss

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    The $20,000 is a set number assigned to blindside hits. It doesn't matter if it is a players first offense. You can argue if this particular hit falls under the definition of a blindside hit on a defenseless player.
  20. Phrozen Phil

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    I guess proper etiquette would be to yell "comin' through" just before you arrive. His head turns slightly and you get fined for helmet to helmet contact. Let's just take off the helmets and the pads and see what happens. :rolleyes:

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