News: ESPND: Cowboys must improve offensive line

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    IRVING -- We've spent so much time debating whether Jason Garrett or Bill Callahan should call plays for the Dallas Cowboys this season, we haven't really discussed the bigger issue.

    Why might someone other than Garrett call plays for the Cowboys this season?
    Has owner Jerry Jones demanded a change? Is it so Garrett can spend more time on the other facets of being a head coach, such as personnel during the week? Or is it so Garrett can manage the games better on Sundays?

    None of that addresses the most important reason Garrett should give up play selection.

    Garrett should hand the play calling over to Callahan because he hasn't proven he's a consistently good enough playcaller to compensate for all of the Cowboys' offensive flaws.

    Like the worst running game in franchise history. The Cowboys totaled just 1,265 yards, a 3.6 yard per carry average and eight touchdowns.

    And an offensive line that struggled much of last season. The Cowboys could use upgrades on the offensive line at every position except left tackle and left guard.

    So it would behoove Jerry and the Cowboys' scouting department to spend their time at the NFL combine this week studying the offensive linemen, who work out Saturday. Read More Here

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