News: ESPND: Cowboys: One big question: Have the Dallas Cowboys really fixed their D?

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, May 3, 2012.

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    May 3
    PM CT
    By Dan Graziano |

    I'll give them cornerback. With the free-agent signing of Brandon Carr and the surprising trade up in the first round of the draft to pick Morris Claiborne, the Cowboys have worked hard to make sure that this year's starting cornerbacks will be much more difficult for Giants fullbacks to jump over. Assuming Claiborne is the instant-impact guy he was drafted to be, he, Carr, Mike Jenkins and Orlando Scandrick make one of Dallas' weakest 2011 units a 2012 strength.

    But questions remain at other places on a defense whose total system failure was the sole reason the Cowboys lost four of their last five games and the division title. Is Brodney Pool an upgrade over Abram Elam at safety? Can they get reliable production from that other inside linebacker spot from the combination of Dan Connor and Bruce Carter? Will Anthony Spencer be a more effective pass-rusher? Do they have a plan for limiting the wear and tear on nose tackle Jay Ratliff, to help him maintain a high level of performance throughout the second half of the season?

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  2. speedkilz88

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    One big question, Does Dan Graziano know anything about football?
  3. Clove

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    So our theory on defense is to just cover. This theory is a bad one IMO, but we're about to find out if it works. I'm guessing we're going to blitz like there's no tomorrow and lock down man on man.
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    Ryan shaved 100 points allowed in one year with no off season. If we stay healthy I have no reason to believe he won't shave another 100 points off this year.
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    It appears that Dan Graziano is subscribing to the Colin Cowherd formula for ratings: rip the Cowboys... The guy is a clown.
  6. DallasInDC

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    So this writer subscribes to the belief that unless you bring in blue chip pro bowl players at every position of weakness you haven't improved. the mere fact that we solidfied the CB position alone should result in a significant improvement over last years defense. You add the replacement of Brooking/ James with Connor/ Carter and there is no arguing that this defense has improved.
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    I've always like Graz, but he needs to stick to what he does best... journalism... these agenda articles are getting old in a hurry...
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    I will go on record, no way he can shave that much more.

    That would put us at 247 points allowed. That would put us at #3 last year.
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    /thread. Nothing to see here, folks.
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    In 2009 the Jets were 1st in points allowed, Dallas was 2nd in points allowed.

    What do you think the Jets have that we do not have?

    I'll tell you right now that it is only their secondary versus ours. If anything our front seven is quite a bit better than theirs.

    We upgrade our secondary to a top 5 secondary in the league, and it's a defensive transformation.

    We can't go from 16th to top 5? says who?

    Houston was 29th in 2010 and 4th in 2011.
    Seattle from 25th to 7th.
    San Fransisco from 16 to 2.
    Cincinnati from 24th to 9th.

    Rob Ryan came in with the 2010 cowboys, added Ab Elam, and Kenyon Coleman and made a huge improvement.

    Adding Claiborne, Carr, Pool, Connor, Year 3 Sean Lee, Year 2 Bruce Carter, and all of the other defensive rookies... I can definitely see us in the top 5.

    I think we would have been top 10 if we weren't ridiculed by injuries.
  11. Bigdog24

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    That says all anyone needs to know about the state of the Cowboys.

    Its the Cowboy Way
  12. preacher238

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  13. Doomsday101

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    Much of what Ryan wants to do is bring various blitzes and get that 8th man in the box and be able to lock down on the WR.
  14. fifaguy

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    One big question.... who is Dan Graziano
  15. Seven

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    I hate the 'on paper' predictions. Who the hell knows?
  16. RamziD

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    This is pure garbage. What more, specifically, could have been done?

    1. DL - we used our very next pick (after trading up for Claiborne) on a DE. Had we not moved up for Claiborne, we would have used our 1st rounder on a DE. Everyone, including Rob Ryan, says his defense is able to do more when he has 2 corners that can cover, so all our moves have been to address pass-rush either directly or indirectly. What more could we have done? Mario Williams in FA - not gonna happen, and we would have never been able to sign Carr if we signed Mario

    2. OLB - we did not lose Anthony Spencer to FA which would have created a gaping hole at that position which we would have had to use a high draft pick on. We also drafted Wilber in the 4th. No one that we could have realistically signed in FA would have made a bigger impact.

    3. Safety - we signed Pool to a 1-year contract over Elam to a 1-year contract. That means we got the guy we were targeting. We also addressed this position with one of our 4th round picks. Again, what more could we have done in FA or the draft?

    Our first 4 draft picks were on defense, and we also made some key additions in FA. We have not neglected trying to improve our D! Now, if Graziano wants to make this point about the OL, then he may have something... but writing this about our efforts to better the defense is just nonsense!
  17. Stautner

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    If he does that will just get us back to the 2009 level Wade has us at in his last full year as head coach. Nevertheless, another 100 seems pretty optimistic - that would put us at giving up around 15 ppg. I don't see that as a likely scenario, although I don't necessarily think it can't be done either.
  18. nalam

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    Nice Avatar , Man ! so you got that photoshop work done
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    Significantly better in 2011 because of scheme, there is no doubt Dallas is better on D in 2012 talentwise.

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