News: ESPND: Cowboys plan to practice Bruce Carter

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    Oct 17
    PM CT
    By Todd Archer

    IRVING, Texas -- The Cowboys will begin the time frame for linebacker Bruce Carter to join the 53-man roster on Wednesday by having the second-round pick practice for the first time.

    Carter is on the non-football injury list recovering from a torn anterior cruciate ligament he suffered at North Carolina last season. The Cowboys will have three weeks to practice him before having to promote him to the active roster or placing him on injured reserve.

    “It’s exciting because we haven’t seen him,” coach Jason Garrett said. “He’s been working hard on his own on the side. We’re pleased with where his conditioning is and where he is physically but he has to integrate himself as a football player. So we’ll get that chance to do that and we’ll see him in practice. We’ll see how he’s going and how confident he is on the knee and hopefully slowly we can get him integrated into the defensive system and the kicking game and he can make a contribution.”

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  2. This is Our Year

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    Very good news! Hopefully he follows the Lee path. Starts on specials and then some sub packages to get his feet wet. Then slowly takes over a starting job.
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    Man if this kid can come in and just contribute some extra to what we've already got going on at LB on this defense it will be icing on the cake right now.

    I'm excited to see him out there in a few weeks.
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    Great news!

    Have patience folks. No practice, no mini camps, missing 1/4 of senior season, and a big rehab return means he need have 3-4 weeks minumum
  5. Idgit

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    Me, too. I'm not counting on anything from him on defense this year, but it would be *great* down the road if we hit on another fast ILB with coverage ability and range.

    I'm really excited to see him on the field, because I think he's another player our scouts not-so-secretly loved. Last year's draft would make up for the whiff in 2009 if we hit again here on our second rounder.

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