News: ESPND: Cowboys' 'redshirt' players out to prove worth

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    By Calvin Watkins |

    When training camp starts for the Dallas Cowboys in late July there are several players from the 2012 rookie class with something to prove for the 2013 season. You could say last season was a redshirt year for some members of this class.

    1. Matt Johnson. The safety didn't play a down in 2012 because of hamstring and back issues. The brief moments he did practice showed the Cowboys coaches he had the ability to make plays in the secondary. Johnson stayed in the Dallas area in the offseason to show the organization and his teammates his commitment. He's battling for a starting job behind veteran Will Allen, and the impressive work of rookie J.J. Wilcox during the OTAs and veteran minicamp will also push Johnson.

    2. Kyle Wilber. Wilber didn't get much time on the field in 2012 and the Cowboys expected more from the fourth-round pick. With the switch to a 4-3 defense, Wilber was moved from outside linebacker to defensive end. Wilber added nearly 15 pounds in the offseason to make sure he could handle the constant pounding he'll take from opposing tackles. The Cowboys believe he's got the pass-rush moves necessary to make the switch, and the age of the defensive line -- three of the four projected starters are in their 30s -- should give Wilber not only this season, but next, to keep a job.

    3. Ronald Leary. After the 2012 draft, Jerry Jones was raving out the undrafted free agent guard from Memphis. Leary spent the bulk of the season on the practice squad until a late-season call-up to the active roster occurred after Oakland tried to sign him

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    "Red shirt" is a good way to put it. These guys are almost part of this year's rookie class, except some are maybe more advanced.

    So these 5 guys are all basically new this year.

    Then there is the incoming rookie class and rookie FAs.

    Then there are new vets, such as probable starter Durant and Allen.

    Add all of our core injured players from last year returning:

    Lee (missed 10 gms),
    Carter (missed 5 gms),
    Ratliff (missed 10 gms and hurt most of the others)
    Church (missed 13 gms),
    Murray (missed 6 gms),
    Ware (not out, but hurt much of the year)
    Scandrick (missed 5 gms)
    I'm sure I'm leaving some out as well.

    The team that will take the field to start this year should be more differtn than some may believe.
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    Part of the reason that I am excited about this team is the coaching staff...there are old, experienced vet coaches to go along with the younger guys...I am hoping that they can take all of the new faces since 2012 and make them into players and get them in position to compete for spots on the roster...this could be a very exciting year or it could be a rather frustrating one if the youngens can't participate and earn jobs in the starting line-up and line rotations
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    If these guys dont do anything, last year's draft will be just as bad as 09, unless Mo turns into Revis.

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