News: ESPND: Dan Connor to have MRI Monday

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    Oct 28
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    By Todd Archer |

    ARLINGTON, Texas – Dallas Cowboys linebacker Dan Connor will have an MRI on Monday after leaving Sunday’s loss to the New York Giants with a neck strain.

    Connor suffered a stinger on a second-quarter run by Ahmad Bradshaw and did not return. He was replaced in the base defense by Orie Lemon. He suffered a slight stinger last week at Carolina and it appeared to trouble him early in the week during practice.

    Asked if he had a history of stingers, Connor said, “Not to this degree, no. This was one of the worst ones.”

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    This stinks.

    He was playing well...and I think surprising a lot of fans.
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    Luckily this year, Brent is stone solid at DT and Ware and Spencer are so good at holding the edge that our ILBs, against the run anyways, don't have to cover much ground. They really only have to play between the tackles against the run, which makes it much easier to replace guys. Lemon and Connor should both thrive there because they are more downhill, tough guys.
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    Ernie Sims and Orie Lemon played well too.

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