News: ESPND: DeMarco Murray: 'I'll be back a better football player'

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    Dec 12
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    By Tim MacMahon

    DeMarco Murray moved through the Cowboys’ locker room on crutches, a protective boot on his fractured right ankle and the hood from his sweatshirt over his head. He avoided eye contact with anybody en route the passenger seat of his sports car, which was parked right outside the locker room.

    After a night to come to grips with his season-ending injury, Murray made his first public comments via Twitter.

    “God is too good! Minor setback but guarantee I'll be back a better football player! Love my teammates and #cowboynation! Thanks for support!!” Murray tweeted.

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    please get well Demarco :crossed:
  3. ThreeSportStar80

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    Lord willing, he'll be even better in 2012! He's a special talent.

    I believe he and Felix will be the best duo in the NFL in 2012, calling it now....
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    I hope he comes back stronger and better than ever. That will be quite the 1-2 punch next year if he's able to.

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