News: ESPND: DeMarcus Ware is healthy for a change

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    By Calvin Watkins

    Ware has played through numerous injuries and last year is no exception. He played with bad wrists, saying he didn't know what was wrong with them, and a broken pinkie.

    It didn't stop Ware from having a wonderful season where he led the NFL with 15.5 sacks and earned his fifth consecutive Pro Bowl appearance.

    This season, Ware said he's completely healthy and it shows in his play. "You will always have little nicks and bruises but not like a fractured hand or a fractured wrist or a fractured foot, back or neck is hurting or something like that," Ware said. "For the most part, the offseason, this whole lockout thing gave us a lot of off time to get your body right. It's what you need."

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    well here is a potentially kiss of death article.
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    D-Ware is a monster... Keep it up!
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    interesting what he said about the lockout. Giving players time to really rest. Others claim that many are not as good because of it.

    For a long time the NFL had very little offseason workouts, etc. This really only began in the 90's. I think the players are better off with a real offseason where they can really rest their bodies.

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