News: ESPND: Did defensive slips hurt Rob Ryan's prospects?

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jan 30, 2013.

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    Jan 29
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    By Calvin Watkins |

    It looks like Rob Ryan is going to need more than five minutes to get a new job.

    Ryan won't get the St. Louis Rams defensive coordinators job, as coach Jeff Fisher said Ryan's scheme just wouldn't be a good fit.

    Maybe Fisher -- and a few other personnel people -- have come to the conclusion that Ryan's defense isn't good enough. From a statistical standpoint, the Cowboys regressed under Ryan.

    In 2011, Ryan's first season, the Cowboys had 15 interceptions. That slipped to seven in 2012, tied for fewest in the NFL with Kansas City. Coach Jason Garrett told reporters at the Senior Bowl that a lack of turnovers were an issue for him, and it's assumed the head coach feels he's got the players capable of creating them.

    Maybe Ryan needs to return as a position coach to re-evaluate his mistakes or how he runs his schemes. There were times we thought he was being too cute -- sometimes there were 12 men on the field; once there were nine. Ryan picked up a bad penalty in Cincinnati, too.

    Ryan is a good coach. Maybe a year away from the game or taking on a lesser role with another team might help him in the future.

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    Seeing D Ware back in coverage many times was not a fun thing for me.

    9 men on the field late in the season was a bit embarrassing too.

    Giving up > 200 yards rushing to a RB in week 17 was almost an all-time low too.

    I give Ryan one thing; the guys played hard the whole way....even if some of them had no business being on the field.
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    It is being reported that Ryan declined the job, as he would be forced to run the 4-3 and couldn't pick assistants.
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    I didn't question Ryan's defensive philosophy when he chose to rush the QB with only 3 defensive players. I questioned his sanity.
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    Beggars can't be choosers. I doubt Rob Ryan was/is in any position to decline anything these days.
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    Probably so...
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    What got me was Ryan 'guaranteeing' stuff in the media interviews and then watching the team get annihilated the next Sunday defensively.

    This was when he had a healthy team, folks.

    No excuses. And I have to think Jerrah watched from the box and seethed. I know I did.

    And there has been very very little about that once he departed. I don't understand nothing being mentioned about this as a factor in his dismissal.

    It should have been. You don't call out the Iggles, Jints and Skins and have the team we had. Maybe if you have Jimmy Johnson as HC and Troy Aikman and Emmitt and Irvin in their prime.

    Not last year. Bad judgement, bad timing and poor coaching contributed to Ryan's dismissal. Not a poor owner calling the shots without reason.

    There were plenty of reasons, just sift thru the debris field of Ryan's history at each of his coaching stops. Not just here in Dallas.

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    here is novel reason as to why he is still unemployed- he is not very good.

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