News: ESPND: Don't look for a lot of Cowboys' talk

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    By Todd Archer

    IRVING, Texas -- Justin Tuck said he hates the Cowboys. That’s nothing new. He’s said that for a few years now.

    But what is interesting is how last week the New York Giants felt the Jets talked too much. Now the Giants have kicked off the NFC East Championship Game Week with some harsh talk. At some point you can bet Brandon Jacobs will get involved, too.

    If you’re waiting for the Cowboys to return fire, don’t.

    “That’s just what this is about,” Spears said of Tuck’s “hate” comment. “That’s what this rivalry is about. Guys are going to get chirpy. Guys are going to talk, say things out of their neck, and I hope that my teammates understand that we just need to stay quiet and go about our business the way we need to and go up there and get a win because at the end of the day talking doesn’t win games at all.”

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