News: ESPND:FB Backup QB could be out for the year

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Mr Cowboy, Nov 24, 2011.

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    Owner: Cowboys' FB, backup QB could be out for season
    November, 24, 2011
    NOV 24
    PM CT
    By Tim MacMahon
    ARLINGTON, Texas – The Cowboys are concerned that their fullback and backup quarterback won’t be able to play again this season.

    Owner/general manager Jerry Jones acknowledged after Thursday’s 20-19 win over the Dolphins that he was uncertain whether Jon Kitna (back) and Tony Fiammetta (undetermined illness) would be able to recover from their ailments before the end of the season.

    “We just don’t know, and that is all we know, that we don’t,” Jones said. “Both of those guys are not definitive in any way medically.”
  2. Hostile

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    Fiammetta is that ill? Dear mercy what does he have?
  3. cowboysfan31

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    Post-concussion syndrome maybe? It took Sydney Crosby a long time to come back from his head injuries.
  4. fifaguy

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    Either that or that mono type sickness Maclin had over the summer. We really need a slid lead blocking FB...
  5. BAT

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    Cowboys need an option B. Use the 10 days to work out any and all available FBs if Chapas is not ready.

    Cowboys cannot rely on Fiammetta this year. Hope he recovers fully, but hoping and wishes is not a good business plan.
  6. fifaguy

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    :signmast: :signmast: :signmast:
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    Ok time to find a new FB, is Moose still available????

    DOUBLE WING Well-Known Member

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    Best Jerry quote ever?
  9. Hostile

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    You think that one will be more quoted than "Any of 500 coaches could win with this team" or "I'll be in charge of everything from socks and jocks?"

    If not, then probably no.

    I personally like, "Bill Parcells? He ain't worth a ****. I love him."
  10. Outlaw Heroes

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    I have to believe that Carolina had some sense of this, especially given Fiametta's history with concussions, when they released him. I can't think of another explanation for why they would release a player that appears to be dominant when he actually manages to get himself on the field.

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