News: ESPND: Felix Jones' time to be 'the man'

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    Cowboys running back must take next step after showing flashes of his talent
    [​IMG] By Jean-Jacques Taylor

    ARLINGTON, Texas -- When Felix Jones runs the way he did Sunday night, it's so easy to get seduced by his talent.

    The speed. The agility. The quickness. The power. The toughness.

    It was all on display against the San Diego Chargers in a performance that should've reminded all of us why the Dallas Cowboys selected him in the first round even though he'd never been a starter.

    And, to think, Jones carried only seven times in the Cowboys' 20-7 loss to San Diego at Cowboys Stadium.

    Still, he left a lasting impression.

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    I couldn't agree more... He's got all the tangibles to be the man. Felix just needs to quietly demand the rock.
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    If they use him right (15-17 carries & 3-4 catches a game), he shouldn't break down. He took some shots last night and bounced right up. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say he has the best season by a RB since Emmitt's hey day (I know, it's not like he has so much greatness besides Emmitt to pass to get to that level) :laugh2:
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    Well passing MBIII's 20-whatever touchdowns would be nice, that was a great season :laugh2:

    But I know what you mean, and agree that 20-24 touches is right for him.

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