ESPND: Five Wonders: Can Cowboys go deep in 2014?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jobberone, Feb 4, 2014.

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    if you cant see the problems by now, no one is going to be able to help certain people who just think, new year, new record. Regardless of what the team keeps you showing you and a head coach who continues to prove hes a mistake. And this year was a gift because the whole division was terrrible and we couldnt take advantage of it. We couldnt take advantage of a team with a new qb and a new scheme.

    We sat on a qb for a whole year and just used the plan of "We just hope Romo can make a season" and that panned out well.

    We kept sitting on excuses for the defense, even when proven those excuses can not keep working, and that panned out well.

    We sat on an offense, that continued to abandon the run even when it was working and said to ourselves, "this is working, why the hell are we still using it" and that panned out well.

    The only thing that worked well, was ST, at least when things went wrong, they got fixed, and if they werent wrong they werent fixed.

    So excuse many of us who look at the evidence and say, wow, what are we getting excited over.
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    I don't think it's a matter of anyone being a polyanna vs a negative nanny.

    I don't see things the way you do. I look at them thinking the coaches are professionals who know how to do their job. If they do something that makes me scratch my head I wonder why are they doing that. My first thought is not they are foolish. I do think they are making a mistake but that's really a bit arrogant when I know they have a lot more information on hand. And I still think in the end at times they're making a mistake after reflection. There are more than a few here like me including those who we seldom hear from. We don't think everything is ok and as long as Garrett or whomever is doing it, it will turn out the way we all want.

    As far as the future I have no problem saying something critical. If you hear me say I'm concerned about something I mean I'm really concerned. I just shy away from injecting too much into words on a screen and hope a reader understands. If I repeatedly say I'm concerned with the defense then from my standpoint you should listen. That's up to the reader and it's fine to disagree.
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    I tend to think Weems and Parnell are too tall speaking in general. I don't think that means neither can play there for that reason. Personally I would rather have a player built like those two at tackle but if tackle is good then play them elsewhere. I think Parnell would be great pulling or moving in general. I'd put the best OL I could out there. They need to find some snaps for Parnell if he's healthy. JMO.
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    Parnell has been your pet cat for years, but so far, the only playing time he has been able to get is splitting time with Doug Free, who was the worst tackle in the league. What does that say about Parnell?
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    I think the Cowboys will be lucky to even be in the mix for the playoffs next year. Same as usual.
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    I can't answer for him but I can for me. First of all Free was never the worst tackle in the league except in the minds of some here. No one had him ranked near the bottom of the league in 2012. Last year Parnell was injured and lost to Free in TC. Then Free has a pretty good year especially early on when he was the top rated tackle overall in the entire league for several games. I hardly think Free went from total suckage in 2012 then suddenly became a good player. And I say that because I saw every snap Free had that year-multiple times in addition to the above.

    While looking at Free I got a chance to see Parnell in 2012. And I thought he was not much but wow. He pops off the screen at you. I agree with @xwalker that Parnell has some significant tools. He moves well, has very good feet, explosive punch, good hands. I never saw him get beat once he engaged a player. He plays the outside move well, inside and bullrush. He can momentarily have a problem with a swim move but recovers quickly without losing much ground. Where he has problems is letting players go by him like they were offsides or something. I have no idea what causes that problem. Perhaps it's a mental one.
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    I Romo throws deep you will see the same results as you did in 2012 the TD to Int ratio will be almost even. Or worse.
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    That's been shown to not be true at all multiple times, too.
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    this i dont agree with., There is sometimes more to an interception, and even tho Romo has his faults, i cant agree with this statement.
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    From 2012...

    pass thrown 31+ yards
    Rodgers 6 of 16 268 yd 3 td 1 int 99.0
    Brady 6 of 21 256 yd 3 td 1 int 97.6
    Brees 13 of 33 584 yd 4 td 3 int 88.7
    Romo 10 of 29 441 yd 5 td 3 int 82.9

    pass thrown 31-40 yards
    Rodgers 5 of 9 216 yd 3 td 0 int 140.0
    Romo 8 of 17 327 5 td 1 int 108.5
    Brady 6 of 15 256 yd 3 td 1 int 99.3
    Brees 8 of 26 310 yd 2 td 3 int 63.5
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    Sign him soon and give him a better deal that if he meets some playing goals..

    he will then be making what he was supposed to be making under the old deal.

    He'd probably jump at that and it in the end would be fair.

    I really think we need to avoid trying to replace him just when we have the basic prices in place with Smith and Frederick.
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    His TD to Int ratio has never been even or even close to that for a full season
    No reason to make stuff up.

    Even in 2012 when he had a bunch of picks early in the season, but went on a tear throwing deep late in the year, he still had 9 more TDs than ints for the year
  13. jobberone

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    I think they tried Free, Weems and Parnell at G some but most of that was Free at RG and Parnell at RT. Weems has played some snaps in regular season games with mixed results.
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    I tend to agree with you on every point and will expand with some of my own thoughts...
    1. I have never seem a defense with so many holes
    2. Our star player on defense (DWare) is done. He is a great ambassador for the team and for football but he is no longer a force and can be handled 1 on 1 by any LT in the league.
    3. Our BEST player on defense (Sean Lee) Cant stay healthy and when he is on the field he is trying to cover for so many other players deficiencies he sometimes blows his own assignments. It's hell when you cant count on your guys to do their jobs.
    4. The one bright star on the DLine (Hatcher) faded bad down the stretch and caught Ratliff-itis.
    5. Our big money free agent CB got completely PWn'd (Do they still say that?) last year.
    6. Our super draft pick CB is proving the naysayers right by having any injury riddled / regression addled 2nd season. The jury is still out but so far it isn't promising.
    7. Do we even have safeties?.... Please don't say Barry Church. His first, middle, and last names are toast, buttered, and extra crispy.

    If we spent every draft pick on the defense it wouldn't be enough. The only hope I have is that our 2 first picks will be on Interior lineman *(and that they pan out) that can at least make the qb move. and then all the rest of the picks on defense as well.

    Scott Linehan will tell you, our defense can be had by anybody.
  15. jobberone

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    Like I've said it all depends on health, development of existing players and who is kept or acquired.
  16. starfrombirth

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    Who besides Sean Lee and possibly Selvie is currently on the roster that you think is worth keeping and developing (realistically) if I may ask. Seriously, I'm not an expert even though I've watched my whole life. I can only state my opinion as I see it and I don't see a single person on this defense worth keeping besides those two and possibly Mo, but that's only because he is so young. I saw nothing out of our young draft class last year to give me hope. No speed, tackling ability, or athleticism to speak of. I'm hoping you can shed some light for me.
  17. jobberone

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    I posted in another thread. I'll try and find the link.

  18. starfrombirth

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    So for the most part we agree. I did forget about OScan tho. I would take him on my team any day, personality aside. I don't think their is a chance in Hades that Brent is here. I'm not convinced he would be a difference maker if he was. If Crawford pans out as advertised.... maybe but not many people come back from an injury like that at least not right away. I think they ask Selvie to gain 10 pounds to hold up better. This is ok if they concentrate on a serious upgrade in the middle. I think Hatcher spent his wad in the early part of the year to try and make a name for himself. I truly believe he is another rat or spencer waiting to happen.

    Thanks for the insights.... it is much appreciated. Hope I didn't hijack anything.
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    We won't go anywhere until the Owner changes and empowers his head coach once again.
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    I don't think Weems played any regular season games. All of his snaps in preseason games were at LT.

    Free played part of 1 preseason game at OG.

    I have not heard any reports on Parnell practicing OG.

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