News: ESPND: For a team dealing with transition, there's no shame in falling short to Pats

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    By Calvin Watkins

    FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- The Dallas Cowboys are rebuilding. People inside the organization won't say it in public, but what team would?

    In theory, a true contender would have won a game like the one on Sunday afternoon against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

    A Cowboys team in transition forced four turnovers and ended the Patriots' streak of averaging 30 points or more at 13 games but ultimately came up small when it was time to win.

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    Unfortunately I think he may be right. No one will say the dirty word but it appears the Cowboys are in transition right now. They are definitely a better team than their record but not mentally.
    Deon Sanders was correct in how he assessed Romo in game situations. In the Detroit game even witha 21 point lead at half time I kept hoping Romo wouldn't make any major mistakes. At no point did I feel good about the lead and I had reason to feel that way.
    Now it appears that Garrett does not trust him very much and showed it last nite by trying to run in clear passing situations, or Romo did not trust himself to audible to a pass. Whatever the case they need to figure it out.

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