News: ESPND: Injury report: Tony Romo needs X-rays

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    Cowboys' officials said Romo got the wind knocked out of him, but the quarterback said he'll get X-rays Monday.
    • Wide receiver Dez Bryant hurt his left foot at the end of the fourth quarter and after being taken out, he returned for a two-point conversion pass. Bryant said he hopes to practice on Wednesday.
    • Cornerback Morris Claiborne suffered a separated left shoulder while making a tackle in the fourth quarter. Claiborne did return after the shoulder was popped back into place and finished the game.
    • Backup running back Lance Dunbar, who missed the game with a sprained foot, ran sprints before the Giants game and is on target to return to practice this week and the same could be said of backup safety Danny McCray (groin). McCray said he expects to play in the Week 2 game against Kansas City next week.
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  2. dmq

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    I thought that was what happened to Claiborne. Nice effort to get back out there.
  3. CowboyDiver

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    Not only a nice effort but I saw him lay out a couple times after that up the body. Pretty tough dude.
  4. ravidubey

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    That was terrible tackling technique and he paid for it.
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  5. Cowboy4ever

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    Its amazing how fast a person's knee can get to feeling better after watching their replacement have a good night.
  6. newlander

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    spot on...he won't last long in this league tackling like's high school horse bleep. He knows better too...did it last year and got hurt along the sideline and the staff told him to knock it off
  7. dstovall5

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    I'm sure Romo does have a cracked rib, though I doubt they'll release that information if he does. Definitely need B.Waters as soon as possible so we can keep Romo up right. Any more hits like the one he took last night and he could be done for the year. As for Dez I think he'll be fine, he's a physical guy so he'll be able to tough it out. Same with Claiborne.
  8. Hoov

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    That or a deep bruise. I thought it funny that the official word at halftime was he got the wind knocked out of him. Everyone knew ot was something more than that.
  9. Nirvana

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    He was wearing rib protection already, so I think it's quite possible it is "just" bruised ribs. I'm sure he'll be out there for game 2.
  10. Yakuza Rich

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    Don't think it was a cracked rib. He would have been out for at least a few plays if it was. They are just taking extra precautionary measures. It's probably a bruise. A cracked rib is an immense amount of pain. A bruise is much more playable.

  11. CowboyDiver

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    I am guessing he does not have a cracked rib. After the game, he looked like he was feeling ok....with a cracked rib you feel pain with every breath.
  12. dallasdave

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    I'm worried about DEZ. Hope this is not a bad sprain.:oops:

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