News: ESPND: Jason Garrett burns Cowboys' clutch

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    Coach's call stalls Dan Bailey, Tony Romo from another comeback against Cardinals
    [​IMG] By Tim MacMahon

    GLENDALE, Ariz. -- The franchise quarterback and rookie kicker have come to the Dallas Cowboys' rescue four times this season.

    They fell short in their fifth shot at a game-winning situation, in large part because head coach Jason Garrett got in the way.

    The stage was set for the duo of Tony Romo and Dan Bailey to work their clutch magic for the third consecutive game. Living so dangerously finally caught up to the Cowboys, whose stranglehold of the NFC East loosened significantly in the late stages of a 19-13 overtime loss to a bad team.

    Bailey tried to take the blame for the loss to the Arizona Cardinals after his 49-yard attempt in the final seconds of regulation wasn't long enough, but nobody with any sense was pointing their finger at the kicker.

    "Hey, the guy has been unbelievable," Cowboys tight end Jason Witten said. "At some point, you can't keep putting it on him."

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    McBriar was not sugar-coating it. Plenty of time...the clock was not running down that badly before the 1st kick.
    Oh well.

    Tony again did do his job, but this time they couldn't close it out.
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    I agree with you about Tony. He was little off on his accuracy early on, but he settled in nicely. If the offensive line had given him some time throughout the game, the score wouldn't have even been close in my opinion.

    I have to give Peterson credit too. He made two excellent plays to knock the ball out of Dez's hands, and IIRC Dez has pretty strong hands. Just excellent play by Peterson.
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    I really think that the coaches should leave the time-out decisions in such cases up to the holder (McBriar, in this case). They're the ones who have the true "feel" for whether the team is set and ready. The coaches blundered this one badly. I say coaches rather than coach, because it was Boniol and Joe D that told Garrett to call TO, but it was Garrett's decision, ultimately, and he wrongly went with their request.

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