News: ESPND: Jason Witten's message to Boys: Execute

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    By Todd Archer |

    When Witten stepped off the bus Friday at the Cowboys’ headquarters here, the eight-time Pro Bowler offered no proclamations.

    “It really isn’t worth saying,” Witten said. “I think it’s simply you’ve got to execute better. It’s not the sound bite it probably was before, but I really think you find yourself in the same situation and we weren’t able to win those games when we needed to. Focus on playing better in games, controlling games, being a better football team across the board.

    “I think the details of what allows you to win games is what we focused on all offseason and hopefully it carries over to camp.”

    Most of the players arrived on the team’s charter flight from Dallas, but a few were already in southern California, including quarterback Tony Romo.

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    I like to hear this from Witten. He's the one guy who executes on a consistent basis.

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