News: ESPND: Kevin Ogletree shows what he can do, scores breakout performance in hometown

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    By Calvin Watkins |

    EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- On the big stage at MetLife Stadium on Wednesday night, Ogletree showed up for the Dallas Cowboys. Fans finally got to see what the Cowboys' coaches, scouts and front-office personnel were talking about.

    As Ogletree did interview after interview, his cellphone buzzed from inside his suit jacket. He wasn't sure if his voicemail was full, but the 10 tickets he received for the game were for people very close to him.

    "It's an emotional game and an emotional moment," he said. "I don't know how well I played. I'm too emotional and I had to put that behind me and I had to execute in the ballgame and help my team win."

    He endured a personal tragedy after the 2011 season when his brother Calvin Ogletree was shot in the head during a robbery. Kevin Ogletree was on a plane ride home to New York when the shooting happened, and he said it put things in perspective. He doesn't talk much about what his brother is going through in rehab, saying only that he has his full support.

    "It was great, just a good deal," he said. "I felt really good vibes when I woke up this morning. I had great meetings, got to go see my brother ... really good vibes today. I couldn't be more proud of the team effort."

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    If he stays focused and dedicated he can be this ERA's K-mart. He has the tools and the right situation to get paid and have a nice career here, but it's up to him. If he is putting up solid numbers and helping this team win then I don't see any reason not to offer up an extension.
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    I wouldn't sign him for big money anymore than I would have signed Robinson. It is abundantly clear that it is Romo that is making these WRs who they are. If he has a really good year, I would give him $2 million a year to stay and have some continuity but if he won't take it, them cue up Coale, Benford, a rookie, or free agent and let Romo make them into a household name. We've been waiting for 3 years for Ogletree to amount to something and just because he put more effort in during a contract year wouldn't get him the big money from me.
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    I think Romo is an excellent QB I also think Ogletree deserve credit. The work he put in is showing up on the field. He made some nice adjustments and ran some great routs to get himself open.
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    That's true Dooms but if anyone would've said before the game that Ogletree would have the breakout game he had alot of us wouldn't have believed it.

    I hope Ogletree keeps this up and that will make everyone forget about losing Laurent Robinson to the Jags.
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    I am not talking a 30 million dollar contract here. I am talking about a mid level contract. Contract year? Of course it's a contract year he sign a 1 year deal. Remember it took Miles 4 years to come into his own. KO at one point it was stated in college he caught passes from 7 different QB's. So entering his 4th year he challenged himself and dedicated himself and it should payoff.
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    Why would the be so hard to believe? It's not what Ogletree and Robinson are doing, per se, even though they are good players in their own right. The way I see it is whoever plays with Miles and Dez is going to get less attention than Miles and Dez... the 3rd option is going to be open quite a bit. Don't forget Witten wasn't at his best, so Tree got a few more looks, but still... it's not about what Tree was doing, imo. I think it's more about the system. Whoever is the 3rd guy is going to get yards.

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