News: ESPND: LeSean McCoy on Cowboys D

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    Dec 23
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    By Todd Archer

    McCoy said he sees a different Dallas defense.

    “It seems like they’re in position more,” McCoy said. “They’re not making as many mental mistakes. From the game plan from the last time, guys were out of place and not in the right alignments. But I’ve watched a couple of games to prepare for them and they’re a lot different. They’re in the right positions making plays. Sean Lee is actually playing very, very well. DeMarcus is DeMarcus. He’s one of the best guys in the league. They look good. And Ratliff is always an animal. If you turn the tape on and watch them guys, they look fast to the ball. They look good. “

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    Gap discipline and controlling the line of scrimmage is how we win this game. Hopefully Rob let's the CBs play more man up coverage too.
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    That and containing Vick. I'm worried about those sprint out passes into the flats to McCoy. He is very difficult to tackle one on one.

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