News: ESPND: Look Back: Third-and-9 call was there (Observations)

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    By Todd Archer |

    IRVING, Texas -- Jason Garrett’s third-and-9 call before that ultimately led to Dan Bailey’s go-ahead field goal with 3:25 to play will be debated for some time.

    In this week’s A Look Back, Garrett’s call actually should have worked. Carolina had six players in the box and was playing shell coverage, as it predicted. Garrett went with a quick trap to free Phillip Tanner for a nice gain and if Tanner made a simple read the Cowboys might have had a touchdown but definitely would have had a first down.

    With guard Mackenzy Bernadeau pulling and Tyron Smith and Miles Austin winning on their blocks, Tanner ran away from an opening to his left and cut back into linebacker Thomas Davis. As Garrett said Monday you don’t want to quibble with a runner’s in-game decision making, but if Tanner simply looked to his left there was nothing but green grass ahead of him.

    That’s what makes a call great and a call questioned. For the record, I didn’t really like the call.

    ** That Garrett ran it 28 times (not including three Tony Romo scrambles) was a good thing. He was persistent. Looking back at the tape, there were plenty of opportunities for Felix Jones and Tanner to make more than they got. Now, it wasn’t great, but Jones left a lot of yards on the field. Twice he was tripped up as he was about to bust through the line and on one stretch play he was slow to the edge.

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    If he ran the play because of the d and was trying to pick up the 1st down I would understand. But he didn't. He was playing it safe and that is weak from a mental midget
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    Go back and look at the film. I just did and he is absolutely correct. The play was there. Great play call......... bad decision on Tanners part!
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    Yes because a random internet poster knows what the coach was

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    Murray picks up that first down. Its the reason Felix has been somewhat of a bust for us, he misses a lot of holes that Murray finds. If the hole isn't wide open and obvious for Felix, he won't find it, same for Tanner just that Tanner will run harder and not shy from contact.
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    There are a lot of things to like about Murray's game, but I don't think he has great vision. On several instances this year it's seemed like there's something there, and he either tries to bounce it outside or simply waits too long to let the play develop.
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    I agree with this.

    Not sure what game it was in, but he had a big run to the outside, he was on his way to the touchdown (even had Dez to the inside for the block) and instead of just running straight forward, he cut to the inside and go tackled.
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    I looked at every one of Felix Jones' runs multiple times. Jones ran hard and showed great vision and instincts. Jones looked extremely quick and fast and he was very decisive and he made great decisions. Felix was hitting it fast. The first half was a good half for Felix. The second half didn't go his way, or his numbers could have been much better. LeSean McCoy just had a 14-22 (1.6 YPC) game. It's the NFL.

    Felix wasn't able to keep his feet on two runs. The first one (a draw) occurred in the first half, and it looked like that it had a chance to break big. I couldn't see if he was tripped as he ran through the crack on Tyron's side. I think the Panthers lucked out there. On the second one, it looked like his feet may have tangled up with Tyron. On that one, there was a whole lot of clutter ahead of him. I don't think that one goes big. As far as getting to the edge "slow" on a stretch play, that is utterly ridiculous, imo. Thomas Davis came on a run blitz (fast) and was untouched. Jones broke his tackle in the backfield, but the play was busted up. Davis saved Carolina there.

    Felix averages 5.1 YPC against the Giants. Jones hung 137 total yards on them last year (Dec. 11th) on 22 touches (16-106; 6.6 YPC). There are no secrets here. They know it. Dallas knows it. Bring it on.
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    Mickey spagnola and Bryan broaddus pointed this out Monday.

    It was blocked perfectly and tanner didn't stay with the blocks.
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    I went back and looked at that first run, again. It occurs at the 3:37 mark of the first quarter. The Cowboys pulled Bernadeau to Tyron's side (on the edge). Jones follows Bernadeau, and a crack opens up between Bernadeau and Witten. It's really tight, and you can't tell (on the game replay) if Felix is tripped after he cuts into the crack. That one did have a chance, imo. Felix saw the gap between the safety and CB, and he started to hit the crack before Bernadeau engaged his man. It just didn't work out. I thought the effort was there all the way around (blockers and Felix).

    As far as Phillip Tanner goes, he runs hard. However, he is an undrafted player who has limited experience. I thought Garrett was justified in running the play (to Tanner) to set up the field goal.
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    I have. Didn't say it wasn't there. He didn't call the play to pick up the 1st down. He called to to be safe and kick the fg. If he would have picked up the 1st down its still weak play call but paid off.
  12. Little Jr

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    Go read the pc transcript or watch the pc. I didn't make it up. He said it.
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    Garrett said he called it (or more accurately, gave it to Romo as one of the two options to use) because it was at a minimum a safe call and possibly could have broken for a first down or touchdown -- "It's one of those plays you can hit, you see it every week in the National Football League, you get in there and if you get it blocked right and get it to the second level it really gives you a chance to score."
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    First game of the year against the Giants.

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